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Cloud and web hosting services will be in very high demand in the immediate future and they already have a very favorable market. They present a great revenue generating opportunity and it's the right time to integrate them into your business model. The strength of this integration lies in the fact that it does not require heavy investment or a business revamp.

We make it simple and let you make the most of this business opportunity by inviting you to become our Advisory Partner so that we can reap the benefits together. ZNetLive already has a specialized platform for providing web hosting solutions that would provide you with a base to operate and would allow you to offer cloud and web hosting services to your professional network.

Web hosting partner program

The opportunity is waiting, let's grab it together.

As ZNetLive's Advisory Partner, you will use ZNetLive's offerings to identify and generate the business opportunities. Then, just inform us and from that very moment, our specialists will work together with you, and assist you to seize the opportunity and make a successful deal.
Web hosting advisory partners
We Work Together
  • You identify the opportunity.
  • Use marketing collaterals from Resource Center.
  • Together we deal with the customer.
  • Our team guides customer through each and every step.
  • Joint post-sales customer support.
Web hosting business advisory
We Grow Together
  • Earn a big share on every successful deal.
  • Get higher share on higher margin products.
  • Sell our services bundled with your products.
  • Strike a business partnership with us.
  • Run joint marketing campaigns.
Web hosting business advisory program
We Guarantee Quality
  • 99.9% Uptime, well-defined SLA.
  • 24x7 NodeFirst customer support.
  • A Dedicated Account Manager for each customer.
  • Latest upgraded software and hardware infrastructure.
  • All technologies and software developed in-house.

Advisory partner commission slabs

We offer the best commissions for every qualified referral that you make, for we make sure to extend the maximum possible savings to you.
Service Usage under 20K (monthly) Usage above 20K (monthly)
Azure managed service 10% one-time on referral
10% recurring on renewal
20% one-time on referral
20% recurring on renewal
Don’t just take our words for it
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Thank you for support. It was a good experience talking to ZNetLive support as all queries were answered promptly.
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Thank you Miss Neha and Mr. Vikalp for support & service. I am using ZNetLive's services from last 5 years and it was wonderful!
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Thank you so much for the wonderful support. Highly satisfied with your service. I strongly recommend ZNetLive's service. Cheers!
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ZNetLive support has helped me a lot, as I am not a technical person with the website.
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As compared to other hosting providers ZNetLive is providing far better services & support. You must try it once.
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I am using ZNetLive's services from two years. Excellent Service! Always ready to help. Big thanks to them.
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Thank you so much Nitin Jain for your efforts in resolving my issues. 5 Stars ZNetLive!
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Thank you so much for helping me (a person without a basic knowledge of hosting) to set up the services.
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Awesome service! Thanks to ZNetLive and their Billing team. I'm very grateful to you.
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Ayyub Khan - Excellent support as you saved my business. Thank you so much for your help on time.
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I really got best service from your customer care. Thank u very much ZNetLive!
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Would like to appreciate the support provided by ZNetLive for our Server Migration. Thanks!
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ZNetLive provides excellent services. I am re-seller of ZNetLive services and they always co-operate with me.
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Customer care resolve problems within hours & they are good people, having patience to resolve the problems of customer.
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I had issues in restoring database. The technical support team provided excellent support over the phone. Thanks!
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I would like to mention wonderful assistance ZNetLive provided on SMTP mail issue. Thanks to them!
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Call support is amazing! Fully satisfied with the explanation and quick resolution provided on my issue.
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Very good support from ZNetLive. We can get answers to any questions within minutes from them.
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Very Nice Company with great service as compared to its competitors.
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Thank you so much for the support. It really helped me. It was great talking to the team!
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I got the best support from ZNetLive. I would also like to say thanks to ZNetLive support team. Good job.
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