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Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

  • Manage devices securely and smartly
  • Empower enterprise workforce with mobility
  • Reduce IT overheads
  • Enhance efficiencies without compromising security
WeGuard - MDM Software

WeGuard® Partners

Association with leading industry experts

Improve the efficiency of the “deskless workforce”

Support laptops, desktops and mobile devices with real-time insights, and reduce the risk to businesses

Centralized Endpoint
Enroll and manage all devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows from a simple to use, unified console.
GPU Compute with TESLA V100
and Communication
Enhance productivity with safe content distribution and communication with video conferencing and messages.
Set up strict, incident-based configurations via policy groups at different levels to secure work data and devices.

WeGuard® platform for Enterprise Mobility Management

full dedicated server management
Easy Installations

Zero touch installations to remove deployment nightmares.

backup to cloud

Lock your devices to kiosk mode & remote control at will.

antispam and firewall
Remote Reboot

Reboot your devices remotely. Remote KIOSK unlock.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software , WeGuard
dedicated support
Customized Persona

You brand as your persona, customization of persona.

Disable App Store

Allow only specific apps to be installed.

FOTA Updates

Firmware Over-The-Air version control.

Much more than just a Device Management Solution

Communication, Security, Cloud Storage, and more..

Zero-touch enrollment

Remove all deployment hassles and configure hundreds of devices with minimal interaction.


With WeGuard®’s custom branding feature, customers can personalize the devices with the company theme and logo.

Geo Tracking

Geo-fencing, tracking, and custom reports abilities with actual-time location tracking solution on the in-built map.

Safe Communication

Safely send messages and do video conferences with remote employees in real-time WeGuard®’s unified console.

Cloud Storage

Share business data with remote workforce anytime with unlimited cloud storage at a reasonable cost.

Remote Control

No need to rely on any third-party tools – WeGuard provides a complete remote control solution for troubleshooting issues.

WeGuard® + ZNetLive

Empowering the remote workforce by managing all their devices in a single pane of glass

Technical Support

Go To Market (GTM) Assistance

We provide GTM assistance to help partners target the right audience, build value, and ways to better monetize the services.
Go To Market (GTM) Assistance

Technical Support

Our support is available when you need it. From providing basic information to the escalation of your tickets, we are there with you.
Automation Platform

Automation Platform

Partners get a globally renowned automation platform to seamlessly automate the provisioning and billing of solutions.

Build and customize as you need

Deliver tailored experiences to fulfill your customer’s unique business needs, with personalization features available with WeGuard.
Trusted by Industry Leaders

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our products and people have been awarded time and again by the industry leaders and experts for having demonstrated unparalleled capabilities.

WeGuard FAQs

  • What is WeGuard?

    WeGuard® platform is an integrated suite of security, and mobility solutions for enterprises and businesses. It keeps the remote workforce working efficiently by providing innovative applications for communication, document management, and support. All this along with protecting them around the clock, thus helping IT teams in managing and protecting an organization’s desktop, laptop, mobile devices and IoT endpoints with ease.
  • Is WeGuard an MDM or a UEM?

    WeGuard® mobile device management and security are for Android (SmartPhones, Tablets, AR/VR, and IoT devices), Apple (iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS), and Windows (Windows 10 and higher), which makes it a UEM (Unified Endpoint Management solution). However, it is not just a UEM, it is an Enterprise Mobility platform through which your customers get mobility features like WeTalk (communicate with a multilingual workforce through build-in AI, Video Calling, Text-to-Voice), WeBox (an alternative of dropbox, which supports 50+ file types including Microsoft Office), WeSupport (helps connect and control devices remotely), WeTrack (to track devices using geo location) and more.
  • How to sell WeGuard as a partner?

    ZNetLive welcomes any reseller partner who is interested in partnering with us to offer WeGuard® solutions to their customers. Please contact us by filling out the required form on and we will get back to you shortly.
  • Is WeGuard a cloud-based solution?

    Yes, WeGuard® UEM is a cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that helps organizations and businesses address their needs of mobility management, app management, identity and access management, device management, content management, along with in-built mobility applications and features to help an organization achieve the highest workforce efficiency.
  • What is WeGuard used for?

    WeGuard® helps an organization install, manage and protect their laptops/desktops, mobiles, tablets and such devices needed by their workforce. It helps secure devices, helps them stay compliant with policies and helps manage and secure apps, besides preventing any breaches and safeguarding their business or corporate data. We request you to watch this video for understanding how WeGuard® can safeguard your device.
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