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Dedicated Support For AWS

Comprehensive assistance for your AWS environments

For many businesses, managing the complete AWS environment from migration to onboarding is a tough challenge. Businesses face issues like:

  • Lack of technical expertise to operate cloud infrastructure, applications and tools.

  • Lack of time and efforts required to maintain the AWS environment due to heavy-workloads.

  • Management of multi-phased cloud environments requiring attention to several cloud scenarios.

They need to invest a considerable amount of time in the management of AWS environment. ZNetLive support services for AWS are specially designed to address these business challenges. The support plans include tools, automation services and human experts to manage the AWS cloud environment round the clock.


Channel Partner with Amazon Web Services

Rest assured of your AWS management as you're in the hands of cloud experts!

Amazon Web Services

Features Of AWS Support Service

Cloud Architectural Guidance
Cloud Architectural Guidance
Complete architectural design for your AWS environment, followed by successful deployment.
Secure Environment
Secure Environment
Complete security for your AWS environment with identity and access management tools.
Migration Support
Migration Support*
Complete migration support to AWS through add-on services. It includes discovering, planning, testing along with data and configuration migration.
Security with smart governance
Complete monitoring of your current AWS environment and insights for future requirements based on the changing environment needs.

AWS Support Plans

Silver Plan

Silver plan is ideal for businesses seeking to leverage the benefits of tools and support services from ZNetLive, while keeping the control of their AWS environment in their own hands.

  • Preconfigured AWS accounts

  • Best practices for security and auditability

  • Cloud formation templates library

  • Trouble identification and optimization through automation tools

  • Technical onboarding and account manager for helping you with the AWS journey

  • Certified AWS architects’ support

Gold Plan

Gold plan is for businesses looking for comprehensive support services for their AWS environment(s) by certified AWS experts. It includes all the features of the Silver plan along with some additional advantages as mentioned below.

  • Secure EC2 provisioning completely automated

  • AWS certified experts to support complete AWS environment

  • Custom architecture design by certified AWS architects

  • Enhanced response time

  • CloudWatch and monitoring

  • Account Review

  • Alarm ticket monitoring

Support Team
Dedicated Technical Manager
  • Your SPOC for AWS services
Yes Yes
AWS Platform Support
  • Round the clock support from Certified AWS engineers
Yes Yes
Technical Assistance Onboarding
  • Your personal assistant to help you with onboarding
Initial Guidance End-to-end coordination from getting application ready for migration till it successfully runs on AWS.
Certified AWS Architects
  • Best set of practices recommended by ZNetLive and certified AWS architects
Basic Guidance In-depth guidance for customized application design.
Certified AWS Architects
  • Best set of practices recommended by ZNetLive and certified AWS architects
Basic Guidance In-depth guidance for customized application design.
EC2 OS Management
  • Support for Amazon Linux, Ubuntu 12.4+ CentOS 6+ and Windows
  • Configuration and optimization followed by patching and upgrades
  • Core apps inclusion like Apache, NGINX etc.
No Yes
CloudWatch Management
  • Proper support from CloudWatch monitors who are certified AWS engineers
No Yes
Alarm Ticket Monitoring
  • On-time response from CloudWatch monitors
No Yes
Account Review
  • Monthly reviewing of account
  • Review ZNETLIVE and AWS trusted advisor recommendations
  • Review cost optimization techniques like Reserved Instances
  • Review of technical environment including alerts and performance reports
No Yes
Response Time
  • Depending upon the criticality of the issue
P3: < 24 Hours
P2: < 4 Hours
P3: < 4 Hours
P2: < 2 Hours
P1: < 1 Hours
Tools Support
Account Management
  • Complete management of single environments like development and production
  • AWS Config and CloudTrail preconfigured supporting tracking and auditability
Yes Yes
Identity and User Permission Management
  • Unique Identity recognition and user access management
  • AWS IAM security implemented by default
Yes Yes
ZNetLive Logbook
  • Unified record of all cloud activities, blended and time indexed view
Yes Yes
Access to CloudFormation templates
  • Best Practice CloudFormation Templates like public and private subnet layout, subnet sizing, VPC designing etc.
Yes Yes
ZNetLive Compass
  • Regular comparison of environment against ZNetLive and AWS best practices
  • Get compass opinions above and beyond the AWS baseline, per ZNetLive recommendations
  • Comprehensive set of AWS trusted advisor checks
Limited checks Complete checks
ZNetLive Watchman
  • A primary alarm monitoring system, warning against any deviation in CloudWatch from the expected results
No Yes
Add-On Services
Complete Solution Design
  • Complete solution design based on the requirement analysis.
Available Available
Complete Solution Design
  • Complete solution design based on the requirement analysis.
Available Already included

* Varies according to the plan

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AWS Plans & Service Features

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