The ultimate aim of any website is to make its presence felt far and wide. Outreach of the website helps in driving traffic, promoting the brand and ultimately earn monetary benefits from the website.

Thus, in order to promote your brand, it’s very important that you promote your website. There are various methods through which this can be done – online as well as offline.

Why to use offline methods when website is online?

• Still a major section of population can’t be reached through online website promotion.
• Many of your potential customers live in an offline world, so to get their attention, you need to reach them where they live.

What are the methods to promote your website offline?

#1 Promote through your business stationary

Every piece of stationary of your company can play a great role in promoting your website, if utilized properly. Your business documents like business cards, envelopes , letterheads ,reorder forms, fax covers, invoices etc. should wear your-

• Website’s address(URL)
• Domain name
• E-mail address

#2 Use promotional items

They are the constant reminders of company’s products and services. But only choosing promotional giveaways, like pens and key rings may not help you attain what you want to achieve without proper planning of promotional product campaigns.

Research the market and ensure that correct promotional product is chosen keeping in mind your target customer base. Mouse pads and USB drives, paperweights, car license plate frames, bumper stickers, rear window car decals etc. are some examples of good promotional giveaway items.

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Use the printable area of the product to display company’s URL and to express your unique selling points (USPs).

#3 Use printed material for maximum outreach

Printed materials wearing your companies URL, can help you in maximizing your website’s reach to customers.

Your company’s product sheet having your web address on them can raise awareness and create interest in the company’s products. Same can be done by leaving brochures in shops or institutions with similar interests.

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Send out stationery coupons, or small gifts to loyal customers by mail. You can even post flyers (leaflet or a handbill) on bulletin boards, or give fact sheets at events, trade shows or conferences to promote your website offline.

#4 Use print directories & ads

Use it to expose your brand to thousands of people. You just need to mention your website in all the offline ads you book for your business.

Classified Ads – Book a space about your business in your local and city newspapers and quality magazines.
Print directories – Update your listing in print directories like Yellow pages which is accessed by thousands of people every day. Do put your company’s URL, and email address in your Yellow Pages ad.

#5 Set regular reminders through Radio and Television Ads

Book a spot on radio and television channels where you think your target audience can hear and see your company’s ad the most. State your website address in your ads to provide an easy way for your potential customers to learn about your company and its products.

#6 Send Direct Mails

Send a postcard, personalized letter with attractive images and website details to your customers. Place your website’s URL on direct mail campaigns and attract interest of people, as website makes it easy for them to learn more about what you have to offer.

#7 Use Billboards to promote your website

Select the location of heavy traffic while you rent a billboard for offline website promotion and place a creative ad of your company on it with your website’s name visible prominently.

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#8 Vehicle Wrap

Place banners, with your company’s URL on public transport and other accessible vehicles.

#9 Write Press releases

Generate articles about company’s products & services, achievements, case studies or white papers etc. and get them published in local newspapers and magazines . Be sure to include your web address in all press releases which you send out to the media.

#10 Sponsor events

Use banners and sign displays having company’s URL, while participating in the event. Also, if it’s a sport meet you can print your website address on the uniform of players.

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I think it’s a great idea to promote your website offline to reach the masses easily. In case you need more details or have any feedback, please use the comments section below.

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