Just getting online with a website isn’t enough. Like you need to properly package your product to sell it, similarly you need a proper strategy for online website promotion to get traffic on your site.

So, are you ready to promote your website?

If yes, then roll up your sleeves and work on these top 15 ways for online marketing of your website:

#1 Do listing of your website on online Website Directories

Google considers listing of your website on online website directories while doing its ranking. To get higher google ranking, you should get your website listed in those directories and higher ranking will bring more traffic on your website.

#2 Use Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Mile (CPM) advertisements

PPC and CPM advertisements are popular marketing strategies which help a website to market itself. In such kinds of marketing, you have to pay a small amount to the advertiser for your desired keyword. When web-user types that particular keyword, then your advertisement flashes on his/her screen. This also brings more visitors to your website.

#3 Submit Press Releases

There are a number of popular websites where you can post your press releases (PR). Few of them provide free submission and few offer paid PR submission.

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Each successful submission increases the credibility of your website and some get you backlinks too. This promotes your website and raises the credibility of your brand.

#4 Regularly send e-mails and newsletters to your potential customers

Yes, that’s true- regular mails are a good way to promote a website. So start sending e-mails and newsletters of your company to lists of your current and prospective customers.

Use e-mail marketing services like MailChimp and send them all important information about new launches, blogs, product details, monthly updates, announcements etc.
Just be careful that your customers/prospects should opt-in for your mails and you should not spam them.

#5 Post a Wikipedia article of your company

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia where you can post an article about your company, products and services. Google ranks Wikipedia articles higher than any other website. Although a bit complex, but the very first thing to truly promote your website is to try and create its Wikipedia page.

#6 Do Affiliate Programming

Start making affiliates! You pay the affiliate only when someone he/she refers, purchases a service from your company.

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As people earn money referring your website, they promote you through word-of-mouth publicity. Here are the best practices to derive good results from your affiliate program.

#7 Start Blogging

Having a blog on your website is like cherry on a cake. It is an easy and effective way to promote your website. So start blogging and serve your audience all the information they need.

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You just need to ensure that you create original & engaging content. It will not only bring more traffic but will also improve the SEO of your website.

#8 Use social sites

Social media has become a fruitful platform where posts go viral in few minutes. You can also use the DIG DIG plugin on your website or blog.

This plugin looks like a floating bar and helps the website’s visitor to share your post on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1, Pinterest, Reddit etc.

#9 Actively participate in Online Discussion Groups

To make your unique presence online, you should actively participate in group discussions related to your niche product or services. You will get enough exposure and limelight with the help of such group discussions.

#10 Make Videos of your niche

Make videos related to your niche and upload them on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing website. As millions of people regularly surf these websites for videos, you can see huge difference in your site traffic after uploading your videos on these sites.

#11 Online Auction Sites

There are so many online selling websites available in the market such as online auction sites, online advertising sites etc. which can be used for promoting your products and services. For example – eBid, Webstore, eBay, QuiBids and many others.

#12 Take Advantage from Online Surveys

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Are you selling your product at the right place?

It would be of no use to sell a product at a place where there is no buyer for it. Analyze product’s market first and then its demand. Online surveys can help you to know the market demands. Design or market your product accordingly and see the magic 🙂

#13 Link exchange

Start following barter-system! Ask others to add links of your website on their websites and in return, add their websites’ link on your website. But this is beneficial only if you do it with websites of good ranking, otherwise this strategy may backfire.

#14 Exchange banners

Banner exchange is another option which you can use. It is quite similar with link exchange. The only difference is that you make a deal of websites’ banners rather than links.

#15 Feed regular RSS updates to your site audience

Serving RSS updates to your website audiences regularly is a good promotional strategy. It brings the audiences again & again to your website, thereby increasing traffic.

In this world of fierce competition, these easy tips and tricks will help you to win over your competition.

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