5 Benefits Of Managed Hosting Services Over Unmanaged Hosting

According to Global Cloud Infrastructure Market 2015-2020 – “Managed Hosting Services are expected to grow at a CARG of 16.2% by 2020”.

Why managed hosting services are growing?

In today’s highly competitive world, to remain competitive and productive, you need to completely focus on your business goals rather than looking after various petty issues that can be well handled by others.

This is especially true for your online presence, as a reliable and trustworthy hosting provider can free you from all hosting worries – hardware and software setup & configuration, downtime issues, technical support, traffic surge, data loss etc. How? By delivering benefits of managed hosting services.

In managed hosting services, all technical aspects of your server are managed by the hosting provider like daily backups, upgrades, speed, support, security etc. while you sit back and enjoy your cuppa! 🙂

Why should one go for managed hosting and not unmanaged hosting?

Below we have listed few benefits of managed hosting which unmanaged hosting lack-

1. Monitoring of server

One of the major benefits of managed server hosting is regular monitoring of server which enables proactive detection of irregularities, vulnerabilities or failures which can later cause serious disruptions or problems, affecting productivity of your business.

Managed hosting provider continuously scans your server for server hardware, CPU usage, operating system, applications running on OS, network traffic, memory and disk usage and more. Thus, this regular check keeps your site and server working efficiently.

Whereas, in unmanaged hosting, you need to monitor and administer your servers, which means either you need to have a special set of skills or need to maintain a knowledgeable IT staff, which will eventually increase your operational costs.

2. Round the clock Support

Every business which is online faces network related issues, load problems or sluggishness, hardware failures, server failures and other software issues which spin your head and consume your time.

In managed web hosting, support is provided by a good web hosting provider dedicatedly- 24/7, who can be reached via multiple modes -phone, live chat and support ticket. Their trained professionals help you in fixing almost all glitches in your system, preventing minor issues from transforming into major issues.

Conversely, in unmanaged hosting there is no routine support. The web host might charge you heavily for support when you need it.

3. Enhanced security assistance

Managed hosting providers are well equipped with various tools and have ability to handle server security related issues, block hacking attempts, and ward off cyber threats. They constantly scan the operating system for viruses, run security audits to find security vulnerabilities, which they can fix in order to prevent the server from being attacked.

They install proper security mechanisms against malware and phishing acts so that there’s no breach in your website security.

Whereas, in unmanaged server hosting it is you who will be responsible for the security updates with latest patches, installation of security softwares-Firewalls, adding of malware detection tools etc. depending upon your security needs.

4. Automated backups

With managed hosting services, your data is secure and backed up as your web host has methods in place to deal with the man- made or natural scenarios responsible for data loss.

Also, you need not worry of hacking attempts, data crash or anything which is unfortunate for your site as with Managed WordPress hosting you get automated backups.

But with unmanaged hosting, you cannot have peace of mind as your web host is not liable for backups and it is again you who will have to manage and take measures to prevent any data loss.

5. Control Panel

A managed server hosting is accompanied with control panel which helps you to manage your hosting account and website efficiently. You can create databases, email forwarders, DNS records, access logs, view performance statistics and more with this robust tool on your hosting account.

It is possible to install control panel on your unmanaged server but only if you have technical skills to do so or a dedicated staff to install it.

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So now decide which is better hosting for your online business-managed or unmanaged?

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