Getting a good website for your business is only work half done. To start getting results from your website, you need to ensure that more and more people know about it, and visit it very often.

If you make your website but not enough people visit it, it would be like opening a shop in the middle of a desert.

Increasing the traffic on your website is hence very important, and you need to follow some basic steps to get people to visit it.

So, here are 6 smart tips to increase website traffic:

#1 Put Good Content on your website

Content that is unique, informative and entertaining, works like a magnet that attracts reader attention. Search engines also rank websites with good content higher in search results. That’s why, content is the biggest factor that decides the amount of traffic you get on your website.

  • Make Good Headlines

Headline is the doorway to your post, and it must be catchy enough to grab the visitors’ attention and compel them to read further.

  • Keep it Simple

Readers search for content that simplifies things and explains them easily, so keep your articles simple and to the point.

  • Use Pictures & Videos

Pictures and videos are great way to make your website content interesting. Blog posts and articles are with images and videos are highly shared because they quickly communicate their message in an interesting manner.

#2 Use the Power of Social Media Networking

Today, every internet user has an account on one or more social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc. This social networking hence is a great tool to reach out to a very large audience and bring high traffic to your website.

  • Make Profiles on Popular Social Media Platforms

Considering the power of social networking, it is highly recommended that you create your profile on popular social media platforms. But, be cautious to choose some specific platforms that you can benefit from and manage to devote enough time to conduct continuous activity on them.

  • Make Interesting and Informative Updates

Focus on posting some engaging content (text posts, images, YouTube videos) relevant to your industry on your profile, so that people notice you and overtime you build a good follower base. People who come to know you via social media will then visit your website too.

Take a quick look at ZNetLive’s social media profiles to understand the kind of content you should post.

#3 Forum & Guest Posting

  • Forum Posting

Forums have a very large membership base and by joining and becoming an active member of a forum/community related to your industry, you increase chances of driving traffic to your website.

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Identify forums relevant to your website, actively participate in the discussions there, and share links to your website once in a while.

Remember not to spam. Actively participating in discussions and providing genuine answers, establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

  • Guest Posting

Guest posting is a very effective method to increase website traffic as it enables you to influence and acquire visitors from other websites.

Approach some popular sites that are specific to your website and write guest articles on them. Put a link to your website on strategic places in these guest articles so that anyone who reads them comes to know about and visit your website.

Also, invite others to write guest posts on your website too as this way you’d be able to generate good content and improve search engine ranking of your website.

#4 Improve your Website SEO

Implementing proper SEO techniques can drive traffic to your website. It would get you better rankings in the organic searches, and thereby increase website traffic from the search results.

Read our blog post on how you can make your website SEO-friendly easily by following a few quick steps.

#5 Get Backlinks to your Website

Getting backlinks on other websites can drive traffic to your website and it would be even more beneficial if you get backlink from a popular website in your industry.

Connect with other website owners relevant to your industry and ask them to share your website link on their website in return of you sharing theirs.

#6 Paid Advertising & E-mail Marketing

  • Paid Advertising

There are paid advertising options that target a specific audience of your choice and charge you only if you get a visitor. This is called PPC (Pay per Click) model and you can use Google AdWords which is the most popular PPC advertising model.

  • E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a very successful method to bring and retain the visitors. You must build an e-mail database of your visitors and regularly update them about what you are doing by sending e-mails. Your e-mails should communicate a clear call to action that can compel the recipients to visit your website.

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