ZNetLive’s Affiliate Program is a big source of revenue for a lot of our existing affiliates who make good money each month by recommending ZNetLive and its services via their websites, blogs, social media channels, email, newsletters, etc.

The key to get best possible results via ZNetlive’s, or any affiliate program for that matter, is to do the small things right.

Remember, you get paid as an affiliate only when someone you refer purchases a service from us – and to ensure this purchase, there are some minor, but very important tips and tricks that you need to take care of.

We took note of some of the best practices our high performing affiliates follow to get good results, and wanted to share them with all of you. Do read below.

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Link directly to the web page of the product you are recommending

When you recommend a product of ZNetLive, let’s say Web hosting, it is very important to make your referrals land directly on the Web Hosting page of ZNetLive website.

Some of our affiliates do not link to the product page directly but instead link to ZNetLive home page. This can create a confusion for your referral as he has to put an effort into finding the page of Web Hosting on our website.

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Linking directly to the right product page gives to your referral, all the information that is readily needed and inturn increases the chances of purchase dramatically.

If you’re displaying ZNetLive coupon codes on your website, link them directly to the product page, the coupon of which you’ve displayed.

Web Hosting page for the Web Hosting coupons, VPS page for VPS coupons, domain name page for domain coupons – it is as simple as that.

How to link to the right product page:

Let’s say – you are recommending ZNetLive’s VPS,

  • If it’s webpage is https://www.znetlive.com/vps-hosting/
  • And your affiliate URL is https://www.znetlive.com/?afl=NTc0MDY=
  • You can use the following link – https://www.znetlive.com/vps-hosting/?afl=NTc0MDY= – to link directly to the VPS page on our website.

Share Monthly ZNetLive coupons on your website and social media

Who doesn’t get carried away with coupons and discounts? We share monthly coupons of all our services with our affiliates in the Affiliate Newsletter each month.

Affiliates who display these coupons on their website give the extra push to their referrals and motivate them to make purchase from ZNetLive.

Here are some websites that’ve made a separate page to display our monthly coupons on their websites and get huge conversions each month: ShopPirate, CouponRaja, CouponCodesDaily.

Get Special Discounts, Customized Banners for your Website and Separate Landing Page at ZNetLive

ZNetLive’s affiliate program is super customizable – you can get special discounts for your website visitors, have a separate landing page on ZNetLive’s website and ask us to create special affiliate banners for you, that blend well with the look and feel of your website/blog and do not come across as “advertisey”.

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Make sure that you avail all these features for getting best results with ZNetLive’s Affiliate Program. Just drop a mail to affiliates@znetlive.com and your dedicated affiliate manager shall be in touch with you to help you out.

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Use other simple time saving methods

Remember, affiliate program isn’t only about writing blogs or uploading affiliate banners. A lot of our affiliates make good money by simply circulating their affiliate link well by other means.

Social media: You can simply make a FaceBook post with your affiliate URL or tweet with your affiliate URL as well. It’s best to use ZNetLive’s New Social Media Center for Affiliates where you will get readymade posts for different social media platforms to promote ZNetLive’s services with your affiliate URL.

Email marketing: Know someone who is likely to purchase web hosting or domain names or any other online product? You can mail them your affiliate link and let them know how they stand to benefit if they make a purchase via your link.

Use industry forums: Search for online forums where people have discussions relevant to domains and web hosting and recommend ZNetLive’s services using your affiliate link.

Online forums get a lot of traffic on daily basis by search engines, and circulating your link there can get you good results.

Use “Powered by ZNetLive” seals

If you’re unable to find ways to put ZNetLive banners on your website, or do not have time to spread the word about ZNetLive by any of the means above, simply put “Powered by ZNetLive” seals on your website.

These seals are a great way to tell your visitors that you trust the quality of ZNetLive’s products and are happy to recommend them.

“Powered by ZNetLive” seals are designed to be very non-intrusive so that they don’t interfere with the design, display and theme of the website that they’re put on. The seals are in multiple colors and combinations, and you can choose which one looks best on your website.

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The seals are available for download in your affiliate control panel just like other ZNetLive affiliate banners.

Services ZNetLive offers:

Buy Domain Names

Shared Hosting

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Do you have any suggestions or feedback regarding maximizing your earnings with affiliate programs? Do leave them in the comments section below, as we’re always open for healthy discussions 🙂

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