93% of the enterprises that lose their important data because of a disaster go out of the market within two years -as per a recent study.

That’s why, having a contingency plan is crucial. With cloud being the most omnipotent technology today, it is no surprise that cloud backup is also the most sought after solution for keeping an organization’s data secure.

benefits of using cloud as an offsite backup

Cloud backup solutions offer offsite data storage and are like the duplicate keys of your data in which your files, folders, or the complete business data are regularly backed up on a remote server (online cloud storage) via a secure network connection.

It gives you the assurance of business continuity even after a system failure/file loss or from the risk of loss associated with fire, hacking, theft, or any other kind of disaster.

The last few years have seen the online backup, restore and recovery data options being emerging as the most cost-effective, secure, and reliable modes of data safety.

Here are the top four benefits of using cloud as an offsite backup:

  1. Convenience: With cloud backup services, you get the convenience of accessibility of your backed up data from virtually anywhere, anytime via a mobile app or a web browser. The backups are not vulnerable to physical damage or theft as they are off-site, and mostly backup services keep redundant copies.

    Backup not only increases your productivity, but also allows you to concentrate more on your business growth instead of thinking about how you will safeguard your data in case of any natural or manmade calamity.

    Benefits of Using Cloud as an Offsite Backup

  2. Cost Savings: Using cloud backup provides various advantages of cloud storage services, with major one being the cost efficiency as you don’t need any internal power to store information remotely. The majority of these services are billed on a monthly basis and come with unlimited backup space.

    If you’re running an industry where backups are mandatory, or you have a large amount of data to back up, these options will save you money as there is no need to invest in additional systems for backup and their management.

  3. Safety: Mostly, cloud backup providers have their offsite backup servers in secure locations i.e. your data is physically secure. The best cloud backup solutions use advanced encryption tools to encrypt your data through a secure cloud channel before moving it, and then keep your data encrypted at the offsite location. Only you can decrypt it with the correct keys.

  4. Improved recovery time: In traditional backup ways, for the recovery of data, you needed to recall the tape, load it, locate data and then recover it. But now, if you are using cloud storage, there is no need for physical transportation of data from the offsite server location or tape handling i.e. the data can be recovered quickly over the WAN connection. Thus, saving a lot of time.

How to choose a reliable cloud backup service?

As your data is the lifeblood of your enterprise, it’s essential that you do the proper research while selecting a cloud service provider (CSP). Here are some factors to which you should pay attention to when selecting a CSP for your organization:

  • Level of support offered, as it ensures that in case you have some difficulty, you will have timely help.

  • Reputation of the cloud provider in the market by checking out the customer reviews as they give an idea about the quality of services, security and uptime provided.

  • If the services are being offered at affordable and competitive prices.

  • Availability of services across multiple geographic locations so that when you expand, you don’t have to change your cloud vendor.

Still if you have any doubt or confusion regarding investing in a cloud backup service for your organization’s offsite backup, you can ask in the comment section.

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