One of the biggest challenges which organizations face today is managing the data. Data is the lifeblood of every corporate, including web hosting, and as such it should be secured and protected. Storing, managing and distributing data to ensure its availability is imperative.

Running applications, maintaining high traffic websites, backing up documents, databases or emails – each and every process needs a lot of storage. Not only this, but when your organization grows, its urge for data storage also increases.

The traditional dedicated storage mediums like hard disk racks lack the required competency in managing the dynamic organizational data. Building and managing your own storage repository can not only be expensive, but time consuming. How?

  • Any additional storage space requirement would mean investing more on hardware.
  • You will need dedicated staff to manage the complex structure.
  • Predicting the future storage requirement will be difficult.
  • If the prediction goes wrong, you can land up in either running out of storage space or under-utilization of capacity, which may result in your hardware sitting idle in the datacenter.
  • Most importantly, in ground storage repository, backing up data is a complex process.

So, what is the solution to all these data storage issues?

May be a technology that allows you to store data on a virtual platform, is available on-demand, protects and create backup for your data automatically and makes you pay only for what you use. Yes! We are talking about the Cloud technology.

Cloud data storage solutions are revolutionary solutions as they store data remotely, maintain it, and create automatic backups for future reference. The users can store their files online and access them from anywhere, anytime through the internet. Here, the cloud backup service provider keeps the copy of the data on an external server, so that the users can access it easily. A number of cloud storage options are available in the market. Let’s take a look at what they are and how they store and manage your data.

1. Microsoft OneDrive

A powerful cloud storage solution by Microsoft- OneDrive offers every possible means of data storage and management.

Storage Device Image

  • Easy accessibility allows you to access files from anywhere and through any device, all you need is an internet connection.
  • Device compatibility gives you the flexibility to access OneDrive easily. It comes pre-installed on Windows 10 platform, and can also be accessed on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • High collaboration capabilities facilitate easy sharing of files and photos. Collaborate easily with Microsoft’s Desktop apps, like Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint and on different mobile devices.

Data and files stored on OneDrive are highly available, secured and protected. Word files can be edited, and co-authored through Word online.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is the Cloud storage solution by Google. Running on both free and fee based structure, it also stands as a good cloud storage solution.

Google Drive Storage

  • Free storage of 15 GB for a new user makes it highly attractive for storing and accessing work and personal data files.
  • Store & share a multitude of data, be it Word files, Excel files, music, videos, stories and anything else, that too without any email attachment.
  • Everywhere accessibility allows you to access your valuable data anytime and from anywhere through any device.

Thus, for anyone wishing to experience cloud storage, Google Drive can be a good option.

3. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

It is a simple to use web service interface and object storage platform for developers and IT teams to store data in a highly safe and secure way.

  • Store data and files anytime, anywhere and through any Amazon Simple Storage device. You can simply choose the region where you want your data to be stored and create a bucket.
  • Highly available data which can be easily downloaded as and when required. You don’t have to worry about your data security as S3 creates multiple copies of your stored data.
  • Secured data storage platform, protects it from unauthorized users with SSL encryption.

You can easily get started with Amazon S3 storage, by simply creating an account and creating your bucket. You pay for only what you use.

4. Azure Storage

Azure Storage is the next-gen cloud storage solution for contemporary applications which require highly available data with high scalability.

Azure Storage

  • Offload heavy datacenter management complexities to Azure based storage modes. It comes with a solution to meet everyone’s needs.
  • High scalability & flexibility which helps you extend data storage capacity as the need to store data grows.
  • Multiple storage options to meet all your application needs: Blob Storage for managing your unstructured data; Queue Storage to manage your large volume cloud based services; Disk storage for applications involved in I/O operations; and File storage for managing distributed and cross platform file systems.

Thus, Azure cloud storage platform stands as a comprehensive storage solution for meeting application storage needs.

How ZNetLive helps you manage and protect the data?

Our cloud offerings come with durable and highly available data storage solutions mentioned above. In addition to all above, our Virtual Private Cloud is specifically designed to offer a private cloud environment for your data and applications within a public cloud. As such, you get a high data security within the VPC, with encryption chip and private IP. With VPC, you get your private cloud environment which can be accessed and used solely by your organization.

ZNetLive also offers Microsoft Private Cloud platform which gives you flexible and high performing cloud services. It is highly scalable and scales with the growing needs of your organization. We understand the need of a centralized storage system for managing and securing your data and applications, and as such our private cloud hosting comes with Windows based storage platform. Thus, you can rest assured of your data stored in the private cloud.

Cloud based storage solutions discussed above, give you ultimate solutions through which you can store and manage your complete business data.

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