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Why Freshworks from ZNetLive?

Trusted by 50,000+ businesses, recommended by leading industry experts

Delight your customers with Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite - the most comprehensive support platform

Deliver customer delight
Offer the support the customers expect in their preferred mode to deliver delightful experiences.
Create customer champions
Empower your support agents with more context and automation to understand customer needs and deliver best solution.
Quicken customer service speed
Speed up the process to deliver remarkable customer service with best customer services tools.
Provide field service for remote agents
Route service teams efficiently based on availability, proximity and skillset, and offer customers real-time updates.

Freshworks + ZNetLive

Paving the way for your customer support with automation

Technical Support

Technical Support

Our support is available when you need it. From providing basic information to escalation of your tickets, we are there with you.
Go To Market (GTM) Assistance

Go To Market (GTM) Assistance

We provide GTM assistance to help partners target the right audience, build value, and ways to better monetize the services.
Automation Platform

Automation Platform

Partners get a globally renowned automation platform to seamlessly automate the provisioning and billing of solutions.
Gartner’s ITRO Capabilities

Build and customize as you need

Deliver tailored experiences to fulfil your customer’s unique business needs, with low-code development options available with Freshworks.
Trusted by Industry Leaders

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our products and people have been awarded time and again by the industry leaders and experts for having demonstrated unparalleled capabilities.
Most Comprehensive Platforms in Industry

Most Boost team’s productivity

Improve your team’s efficiency and productivity with modern automation and collaboration tools; and witness tangible results with Freshworks.

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