Managing customer data is a very complex yet important task for businesses of all sizes. With each step in the organizational development, the quantity of data generation and the need of its protection rises. This accumulated data is company’s most valuable asset. Hence, companies take every possible measure to safeguard it.

Cloud Backup Services

What an organization wants to ensure is that its data must be backed up for any future reference, protected, secured and made accessible to it, whenever any need arises. An organization not only has to make sure that its data is protected, but has to keep a watch on its IT budget as well.

All in all, businesses need a sustainable, yet low cost solution for their data protection.

For most of the organizations, especially the SMBs and other growing businesses with recurring data generation, the best data backup solution is- Cloud Backup.

It gives organizations the flexibility to outsource their data backup. The cloud backup service provider offers the best in class security, deduplication, encryption DR services and other real time data protection services.

This brings us to the question that why growing businesses should go for cloud backup hosting services?

Let’s quickly scroll down to its major advantages for small, mid-sized and other growing businesses:

1. Manage data with minimum upfront hardware installations

Backup services built on cloud do not require any initial major hardware installations, thus saving costs, as the data is stored in offsite datacenters.

The software can integrate with your existing IT environment. Thus, organizations can easily encrypt their data and compress it before transferring to any off-site datacenter. Thus, they are able to have significant savings on cost, energy and space. By using this approach, they can completely eliminate the excess hardware and software and bring down their maintenance cost.

2. Centrally manage data of remote sites and branch offices

The process of storing data in the cloud is completely different from any on-premise data storage and backup solution. In cloud, the data can be stored in encrypted files, in remote datacenters.

A company which is having multiple branches and remote sites, find it very difficult to centrally manage their data. But with backup services based on cloud, they can manage all their data at one place. In fact, they can also choose to store data in a datacenter closer to their remote office, for faster recovery.

Centrally managed data saves organizations from multiple data backups and excessive bandwidth requirement.

3. Data encryption to secure your data

When you choose a backup service powered by cloud, you do not need to worry about the security of data. A crippling challenge of organization is data loss, which has the potential to leave a company clueless. For any growing business, investing on data security means making huge investments. But not with cloud backup!

You should ensure that your backup service provider offers data encryption, password management, agentless backup process, digital signatures and other additional protection features.

4. Ensure timely backup generation

The data should be controlled and monitored, and backup services built on cloud exactly give you this flexibility.

Through it, you can update any new data into the system either daily or in a continuous pattern. This process validation should be ensured before choosing a cloud backup hosting provider. The important features include reporting of data, monitoring the data backup and data destruction backed with digital certification.

5. Get high speed data recovery options

One of the most important parameters of the data backup is – reliable and speedy recovery. The entire data backup process is unfruitful if the data is not available on demand. Unlike any on-premise backup software, backup services on a cloud hosting platform is known for anytime anywhere accessibility.

A good cloud backup hosting services provider will provide multiple DR options, on state-of-the-art infrastructure. You should look for a service offering centralized control and one-step recovery process. Some service providers also give the option of bare –metal recovery, which has the ability to restore damaged files.

How cloud hosting services by ZNetLive helps you protect your data?

Our cloud offerings – Public, Private and Hybrid models can be used as effective and efficient way of storing your on-premise application data. Our reliable data backup services provide data encryption, deduplication, password configurations etc. to protect your data.

You can store your data either on a private, public or hybrid cloud depending upon the sensitivity of your data. For critical and highly sensitive data, you should store it on a Private cloud, while for storing simple I/O operations data, public cloud storage can be used. Hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds, where your crucial data is on private cloud and not so crucial data remains on the public cloud, thus providing you with economies of scale.

Hence, if you are a growing business and are looking for an efficient data backup solution, then cloud powered backup hosting services can be the best solution for you.

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