Do you want to make money online? Of course yes! Who doesn’t want to? πŸ™‚

Everyone wishes to earn and make money through online means. But what if you could get the chance to earn online, without paying anything. Sounds unbelievable! But yes, it’s right, without making any investment too, you can be an owner, a boss or an entrepreneur and this write-up will let you know the tricks of it.

Traditionally, people used to worry about the capital that they would require to invest in a business and because of this, many dropped their ideas of starting their own ventures but now with digitization, becoming an entrepreneur with no upfront costs has become much easier. Internet is a great platform where anybody can seek an opportunity to earn without investing a penny.

Although you must have read about several ways to make money online but, here is a step by step guide that can actually help a layman make money through internet.

  1. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy which works on the word of mouth publicity, depending upon which the site/business owner gets reward/commission for every referral who makes a purchase.

    This option is trending because of the high growth in the arena of online shopping. Basically you will be rewarded when you will help any business in promoting their products and services. There is no need to buy any products yourself, your role is just to refer them to others and earn commission.

    There are many companies who offer such affiliate partner programs, in which they offer you help in the form of marketing collaterals, readymade text links, banners and guest posts etc. You just need to simply copy paste them on your website and get traffic as well as conversions.

  2. Banner Ads: These are graphics or images which usually get positioned on your website in the sidebar, header, and footer or within your content. Placement of these ads not only make your website attractive and relevant to visitors, but can also help you earn a handsome amount by providing ad space to the advertisers on rent, on your website.

    The advertiser in lieu of money, can place any link in his banner. Sometimes third parties also help in bridging the gap between site owners and advertisers and they charge a fee for that.


  3. Google Ad sense: This is the most popular ad network. These ads come in many forms, sometimes in text or sometimes in the form of images. Website owners can display these ads at any place on their website, say in sidebar, header, footer etc. What you need for this is just a website (which is very easy now a days) and some tricks to bring the traffic to your website, so that you can earn money through AdSense and other ad networks. google-adsense

  4. Reviews: Words of wisdom as an expert can also help you make money in the online world. Individuals can share their genuine reviews about any product or service on any website and earn a fair amount of money. There are a number of sites available, but it’s recommended that you sign up for as many sites as possible because not all reviews get accepted and not all sites can be trustworthy.

  5. Sell digital products: We have entered into an era where usage of internet is rampant for promotion of any goods or services. You too can sell many digital products which you can make without any investment, like:

    • If you have a flair for writing and are an expert in any field, create eBooks (which are similar to normal books but instead of hard copy, they are just downloadable files).

    • Conduct e-trainings /webinars/workshops at a price.

    • Generate audio/video content if you’re a singer or an actor and sell at a price.

    • Develop and sell apps, plugins and themes.

    • Become a domain trader ( purchase at discounted rate ,then sale on your portal).

  6. Sell your services: Now time has come where not only tangible goods, but money can be made by giving your services through the internet. In other words, it’s also called freelancing. If you have a skill, why not offer it to others via the internet.

    As a freelancer, you can work with small or big companies on a temporary basis and provide them your services. There are several services which you can put online and earn money:

    • Content Writing

    • Tutoring/Trainings

    • Social media management

    • App Development

    • Graphic Designing

    • SEO services etc.

Online world has opened many new doors for those who dared to dream – of having their own business, their self-identity, a name, fame with no investment cost.

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So let nothing stop you now, come out of your comfort zone and show the world what you can do! πŸ™‚

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