A man who works regularly in a systematic fashion, never feels over worked or tired. He knows his limits and is able to do in fair time, all that he undertakes. It is not hard work that kills a man but irregularity or lack of system. – Indian legend MK Gandhi.

The above quote gives a message that doing an activity regularly, although for a shorter period of time, adds more impact than doing it all at once. The same rule applies for social media management. Spending just 30 minutes in a day for your social media activities will be more effective than spending 3 to 4 hrs. in one go.

Here, I am sharing the daily half an hour social media exercise which I personally follow to be an influencer in my niche. If you too genuinely follow this plan, it can be a game changer to engage your audience.

This exercise can be useful for social media managers, marketing managers or industrialists who wish to become influencers in their niches.

Warming Up:

Warmup is crucial part of any exercise routine, ask its importance from any sports man. In this, you have to figure our best social media platforms and appropriate target audience.

  • Social Media Platform:

    It’s very important to choose the right social media platform for your brand. We all know that these top 5 social medial platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn & Pinterest are the best to promote your business. Now it’s your choice, whether you want to focus on all five or choose from them as per your niche. It’s always a good idea to choose the best appropriate platform rather than going for all.

    If you are confused, you can use this tool – Buzzsumo to figure out which platform is best for your industry. Go to Buzzsumo.com and type the best suitable keyword to see which social media platform has most number of shares.

  • Target Audience:

    Make sure you are targeting the right audience for you brand. If you skip this step, it might result in great losses for you as if you are not targeting the appropriate audience, all your marketing efforts will be useless and you will not see any conversion.

    Now, as you have done the warmup activity, let’s move towards the 30 minutes’ social media exercise activity.


To make it easier for you to understand, I have divided the exercise plan to 3 X 10 minutes each:

  1. Researching for 10 minutes

    The social media is one of the most versatile industries, so you need to stay up to date to match the dynamics of your competitors. Start your exercise by checking updates of what others in your industry are posting, especially the competitors.

    Next, check what people are saying about you. This can be done by monitoring your brand mentions with this tool named Mention. This can be used to read posts wherever your brand is mentioned on Facebook and Twitter. This will help you learn what people in the open market think about your brand and you can also help you take the brand conversations forward.

  2. Sharing for 10 minutes

    Now you have done enough research for a day, it’s time to share the content over different social media channels.

    You must be thinking – how to share on all my social media profiles in just 10 minutes for a complete day. Well! here is a life saver tool for you, it’s known as BufferApp, through it you can schedule your postings for all your social media profiles in one go.

    Only posting to social media will not solve the purpose, you need to work on the quality of content you share. So brainstorm for catchy headlines and add some good images which attract the readers. Make sure to tag @author or a @brand if you are sharing someone else’s content. For more information on how you can increase your website traffic, click here.

  3. Engagement for 10 minutes

    There is no worth of researching and sharing information on social media if you are not engaging your audience. Make sure to engage at least 10 people in your community who come to you or your brand’s social media profile to boost your business, mainly, by Facebook.

    It’s great if you can find influential people in your niche, try to engage them, as in this way you can include their audience in your network.

    Don’t treat social media channels as television channels where you only broadcast, now even TV channels interact with their audience through one or the other means. So, take out some valuable time from your schedule and do some conversation with your followers.

Bonus: for dedicated social media managers

If you are a dedicated social media manager in an agency, you must check out this article: A Day in Life of Social Media Manager which will guide you on how to spend time on social media.

The below infographic by Mark Smiciklas on Social Media Flow can guide you regarding every element that comes into play in the daily life of a social media manager.


Do let us know your feedback through the comment section below.

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