Amidst myriads of options available for advertising, Google AdWords comes handy when immediate results are desired.

What is Google Adwords Credit?

This form of advertising is like Perkin’s tent during Quidditch world cup in Harry Potter which, however humble from above, can accommodate one and all. Let’s have a look at what it has on sale.


Google AdWords will not rob you off money in the process of promoting business. You will be charged only on the basis of potential customers who visited your website by clicking on the advertisement. This is called Pay Per Click (PPC). So you can decide your budget accordingly and there is no minimum bid to it. Hence, a pocket friendly method!


  • Through your AdWords account, you can view a completely detailed report on each aspect of your ad campaign. The report contains how many clicks your ad received, most frequent search queries that brought people to your website, where and how many times your ad appeared and so on.
  • Conversion tracking will tell you about how many clicks converted into customers and availed your services.
  • The success of your advertisement hinges on its ability to match user’s search and this report will give you a reality check.
  • The editing feature is a take away here. If results don’t meet your expectations, you can always make use of AdWords tool for making changes, pause or resume your ad campaign to zoom in your benefits.


  • Google AdWords can help you reach out to a wider customer base increasing the visibility of your website on web. And for those who don’t own a website, Google has a solution. Use AdWords Express, another feature addressing local advertising.
  • Include all the key points while writing the ad to make an opportune use of the advertising program. (AdWords Express is available in a few countries only; make sure it’s there in yours before opting for it).

How does Google Adwords work?

Google AdWords works on the mechanism of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). You write your ad, mention the features as keywords and pay for it. SEM will manage how and where your advertisement will appear during a search. Your ad will receive a position based on its ad rank, which depends on the Cost Per Click (CPC) bid and the relevance of your keywords with that of users.

Feel free to leave a comment if you think I have missed out on something.

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