There’s one thing that satisfies us and keeps us going more than anything – customers saying good words about our services and support.

At the end of the day, when our technicians have ensured that our servers and network have been running with zero downtime, and our support team has addressed all of the customers’ queries promptly – it is our customers’ encouraging words that are a ‘pat on the back’ for us.

A lot of our customers recommend us often to their colleagues – by word of mouth (which is very beneficial for us, who doesn’t like new customers 🙂 ) and some of these customers have shown inclination and desire that they wish they could spread the word about our services even more. Hence, the launch of Premium ZNetLive seals.

What are Premium ZNetLive Seals?

Premium ZNetLive seals, as evident by the name, are seals that you can display on your website only if you’ve availed services from us.

By displaying the Premium ZNetLive seal on your website, you can let your website visitors know that your website and domain is hosted at ZNetLive’s stable and secure platform, and hence establish yourself as credible and differentiate your website from many others out there. Put simply- its a premium service, and open to only ZNetLive customers for free!

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To add to it, the seals will be linked back to our website and will contain your customer ID embedded in them. Every time someone visits ZNetLive by clicking on your seal and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a very handsome commission. Win, win-ain’t it?

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The Premium ZNetLive seals are designed to be very non-intrusive so that they don’t interfere with the design, display, and theme of the website that they’re put on and don’t come across as too ‘advertisey’. Also, the seals are in multiple colors and combinations, and you can choose which one looks best on your website.


Benefits of displaying the Premium ZNetLive seals on your website

Displaying Premium ZNetLive seals on your website is of good value – both to you and ZNetLive.

  1. Establish your website as credible: Your website visitors get to know that your website is hosted on a stable and secure platform of ZNetLive. With ZNetLive being one of the top web hosting providers, this is of great value to differentiate your website from many others out there.
  2. Earn money every time someone you refer makes a purchase from us: Your Premium ZNetLive seal is embedded with your unique link, and everytime a visitor comes to ZNetLive’s website by clicking on your seal and makes a purchase, you’ll earn handsome commissions 🙂

How do I display the Premium ZNetLive seal on my website?

To get your own unique Premium  ZNetLive  seal, login to your affiliate member panel, click on the ‘Banners and URLs’ and your Premium ZNetLive seals are visible under the tab ‘ZNetLive seal’. You can click on ‘Generate Code’ and get your code for embedding the seal at the desired place on your website.


If you need any help in placing the Premium ZNetLive seal on your website, do not hesitate to reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to have our tech team assist you in installing the seal.

As soon as the Premium ZNetLive seal is installed, your website stands apart from the crowd as super credible and you also start making money by referring visitors to us 🙂

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Note: If you aren’t a ZNetLive affiliate already, you have to first place a request to join ZNetLive’s affiliate program by logging to your affiliate member panel.

Once the request is approved by our team, you can get your Premium ZNetLive seal by the same method explained above. The request submission and approval process is simple and takes just minutes to complete.

We’re here to help

Again, the Premium ZNetLive seals are of great value to our customers and also us, and we’re very excited to roll them out. We’d love to know your thoughts on the same, so please leave them in the comments section below.

Remember, do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you need any help with putting the Premium ZNetLive seal on your website or have any queries 🙂

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