What is the best way to start making money online
Affiliate Program

What is the best way to start making money online with affiliate marketing?

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For a long time, the promise of a share or commission if you drive a customer to make a purchase, has been a classic business model.

But still many people doubt and come to us asking, can I really make significant money using affiliate marketing?

This is true that affiliate marketing can help you earn significantly, but it takes efforts on your part too.  Today, just setting up a bunch of websites and stuffing them with keywords to get visibility on the Google is not enough. If you need your marketing strategy to work, you need to put in immense efforts – learn the best practices, have to have the best ways, tools and resources for product promotion.

A thing can always be done better not only the second time but each succeeding time by just trying and trying.

Thus, like all other skills become perfect over time, the art of affiliate selling too improves with time, but it needs practice, right affiliate program and right affiliate products to sell.

It all starts with choosing a niche that is evergreen and which sells well.

WordPress hosting is one such profitable niche for affiliate marketing. Growth of WordPress (WP) hosting is evident from the below screenshots.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Source- https://www.similartech.com/technologies/wordpress-hosting

Going with the flow, ZNetLive offered managed WordPress Hosting is among the best WordPress hosting options available and thus, ZNetLive’s name is counted among the best WordPress Hosting providers across the globe.

An especially optimized hosting for the WordPress environment that comes integrated with Plesk Onyx, ZNetLive’s WordPress hosting includes the revolutionary WordPress Toolkit 2.0 that empowers you with various features to help get the best performance with the WordPress environment. With it, the users can focus more on their business, rather than wasting time on complexities like speed of the site, updates, migration, security etc. All that is taken care of!

Coming back to the point of affiliate business, our growth is incomplete without your growth. Hence, ZNetLive offers affiliate partnership program –  the best way to make money online and grow with us.

Here we would also like to dispel few myths associated with affiliate marketing.

3 Myths of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing only benefits the company whose product/service you are selling.

Yes, of course, it benefits the company, but by promoting its products, an affiliate gets benefitted too. An affiliate is not a salesperson working for a company, he/she is an entrepreneur with the freedom to make his own strategy and chart his own course. There are no thresholds that need to be met. But yes, the mantra to get more benefits is “sell more, earn more”.

You don’t need to work in a very popular and lucrative niche to make affiliate marketing work. Affiliates can sell anythng.

Selling anything will require a significant investment of both – your time and your money. So, you should pick a niche where a buyer spends money on buying more than once, as you need recurring business.

Choosing most profitable niches for affiliate marketing like WordPress hosting will help you gain recurring profits as popular niches have lots of buyers and repeated buyers also. So, sell after recognizing the products and services that are worthy of promotion as per the target audience and other key factors.

It’s difficult to start and manage an affiliate marketing business.

The affiliate ecosystem has no shortage of great WordPress affiliate programs, but WordPress world can be difficult to navigate. The whole setup may sometimes prove to be too much work for some. But, with handholding by companies providing best affiliate programs, you get the best ways of managing and the best ways of promoting their products. So, if you get a company’s support, it becomes a cakewalk to convince customers, sell and earn commissions. ZNetLive ensures that for its affiliate partners 🙂

Why join ZNetLive’s WordPress Hosting affiliate program and not others?

The main thing that differentiates it from others is the programs’ simplicity – no technicalities or hassles where you need to ask for external help.

Know few more slick features of ZNetLive’s WordPress hosting affiliate program that differentiates it.

1. Easy sign up process and steps to get started

Anyone can join ZNetLive’s WordPress Hosting affiliate program. It is free and simple to sign up and proceed. You don’t need to be a ZNetLive’s customer for becoming an affiliate. That means, you don’t need to make any purchases for becoming an affiliate. You can do offline promotions as well for earning extra money.

You can join WP hosting affiliate program by clicking on this link: https://www.znetlive.com/web-hosting-affiliate-program/

As soon as you sign-up, and your request is approved by the affiliate team, you receive a unique URL which is accessible from your affiliate panel. This URL acts as your website for selling ZNetLive’s services and products for earning handsome commissions.

ZNetLive affiliate program

2. Real time and interactive dashboard

ZNetLive’s affiliate dashboard is designed to reflect a well-understood structure of the business. This control panel enables its users with the real-time visibility of their performance. We have tried to shorten the learning curve by designing clear and resourceful dashboard. View your total traffic, sales, commission ledger and payout at a glance. Access all required tools and ready – made marketing materials at one place to promote your sale.

ZNetLive affiliate program

3. Industry’s best commissions

We offer the best payouts in the industry, in order to recognize our affiliates’ efforts. On the sale of every ZNetLive WordPress hosting plan referred by you, you become eligible for 50% commission on annual billing.

You can withdraw your earned payment, or you can use it to purchase more services whenever you want, on crossing the threshold limit of INR 2000.

On top of your first sale commission, you get 20% recurring commission, on the renewal of the WP hosting service. That means you will get paid every time your referrals renew their subscription.

4. Special discount for your referrals, on request

You can offer special discounts to your customers. You just need to request for the same. Once your request is approved by your dedicated affiliate manager, a new URL with the promo code is generated:

www.znetlive.com/ (newaccountnumber)|(PromoCode)

When the visitors visit this URL, all the prices on your website will automatically change according to the discounts offered to you! Your website will change itself to show special discounts that can be availed only via your affiliate link.

We can modify this image with designers help.

5. Short and regular payment cycles

You don’t need to worry about your payouts. ZNetLive always pays on time and it’s sent right to your ZNetLive account/bank account or PayPal account. Your commissions will be paid each month after a lapse of first 30 days following the sale.

The registered account needs to be active at the time of payment being made and the minimum earned commission must reach a threshold level i.e. INR 2000 prior to the payment is made.

For example, if you make two sales in January, the total commission would be transferred to your account approximately in March (after 30 days, which is the holding period) and if your total commission crosses INR 2000.

ZNetLive affiliate program

6. Readymade promo materials to help you get noticed

Not everyone is a dedicated writer or a designer and we understand this. So, to help you promote products on your site, we provide you with different readymade digital marketing collaterals like banners, mailers, social media posts and text links from time to time. Our affiliate dashboard gives you quick and direct access to the promotional banner codes and logos.

We also help our affiliates with professionally designed, separate landing pages, pre-built social media posts and content writing services.

7. Long sales conversion tracking

We use cookie tracking mechanism to track and recognize sales made through a particular affiliate URL. The tracking cookie is active for a period of 3 months or 90 days. This means that all the sales made within these 90 days of referring a customer would earn a commission as per the commission slab.

Now you know the answer to the question – how to make maximum money online with an affiliate program? Join us, advertise and earn.

Read best practices of maximizing your earnings via affiliate program here.  Sharing few quick tips here too:

  • Use your affiliate links on banners, logos and blogs on your site.
  • Post a review about the service you are selling on your site.
  • Use ZNetLive seals like “powered by ZNetLive” on your site.
  • Share monthly coupons on your website and via social media.
  • Share affiliate links with your followers on Twitter or Facebook.

Do let me know if you have any queries regarding ZNetLive affiliate program. I’ll be happy to help.

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