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How can organizations improve performance and reduce costs with Alibaba Cloud ECS servers?

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COVID-19 pandemic quickly made traditional processes obsolete. Organizations that had developed a culture of continuously improving their operations didn’t get the impact as much as others.

The practice of constant, continuous improvement in a business setting increases its overall efficiency and reduces cost. Especially in IT, when process improvement becomes a part of everyday operations, the organizations become better, agile, and smart.

In these times, CIOs need to follow an approach to strengthen the future of their business. Let’s first see what a smart business is.

A smart business is one which uses latest technologies like cloud computing to gain insights from data efficiently, in real-time. This tech-enabled services’ model where most operational decisions are automated, enables organizations to become rapidly responsive and gain an enormous competitive advantage over traditional businesses.

Alibaba Cloud ECS

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the technologies most important for organizations’ growth in the past years. With the cloud, organizations can achieve greater innovation, better performance, and higher levels of security. 

In fact, businesses across the world have reported strong results after cloud adoption.

According to both Gartner and IDC, most of the IT respondents are willing to invest in the cloud technology as they see more productivity, better security, and cost reduction as a result of using it. Some others have reported higher revenue growth rates over competitors. 

Alibaba Cloud ECS Server can be an effective cloud model for your business

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) offers high elastic, performance, and safe virtual cloud servers with different instance types that can help create a high-functioning, scalable, and profitable business. They provide great help in performance improvements in the form of CPU computing power, memory read and write performance, strong network/storage performance, and many other benefits over other cloud services.

The latest ECS servers are based on the third generation X-Dragon architecture (produced by Alibaba Cloud) that will provide you the technical benefits you need to meet your cloud customers’ demands for improving performance and reducing costs. 

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Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud ECS architecture

The main features of Alibaba Cloud ECS servers are:

  • X-Dragon Chip and Lightweight Hypervisor: This helps you to offload a lot of virtualization functions to dedicated hosts, which reduces your overall virtualization costs. This also lets you utilize the CPU and memory resources, improving the capabilities of hosts and high-specifications instances. 
  • 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor: This provides a maximum Turbo Boost speed of 3.2 GHz. 
  • Storage Quality of Service (QoS) capability: This feature optimizes software and hardware and provides fine-grained QoS controls.

Ways Alibaba Cloud ECS servers can enhance your business productivity

Below are some of the advantages Alibaba Cloud ECS servers offer businesses:

Security is the #1 priority of Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud adheres to international security standards and has implemented best practices to manage and secure its cloud platform. It has passed over 10 international security certifications, including ISO 27001 and Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS), that provides high privacy protection to users, as well as secures users’ data and information. 

The Object Storage Service (OSS) by Alibaba Cloud stores and backs up the user’s data with encryption in the cloud. There are multiple backups so, your data will be stored at different places. And, even if one backup fails, you still have another to rely on. 

Alibaba Cloud also provides a wide range of products for additional security, for example, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) by Alibaba Cloud protects your business from cyber-attacks via traffic isolation and attack isolation features. 

High service availability commitment

High availability strategy is crucial for organizations to serve the customers better and mitigate the adverse impact it causes to revenue and productivity. According to Statista Survey 2019, 25% of respondents globally have reported an average hourly downtime cost between US Dollar 301,000 and 400,000. 

Alibaba Cloud helps you save your business value by offering 99.999% availability using primary/secondary instances. So, if one faces failure in the primary instance, the secondary one takes over. Besides this, the data is stored in different zones with surplus networks and power supplies to ensure you don’t struggle with downtime anymore.   

Alibaba Cloud provides 99.925% monthly uptime for single instance and 99.995% monthly uptime for multi-zone instance. Overall, Alibaba Cloud commits minimum service unavailability to customers.

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Stability and performance for higher productivity

Alibaba Cloud provides a high CPU to memory ratio which is ideal for high-performance engineering applications, servers, and networks based upon sufficient computing capacity. It provides computing stability of up to 99.9999% which is the highest stability that any other cloud model could provide. 

Alibaba Cloud customers can take benefit from its powerful delivery capabilities and instances’ elasticity as its instances can handle up to 540,000 orders per second and deliver a maximum of 160,000 vCPUs on the cloud within five minutes per zone per user.

Get hold on unlimited email accounts with storage you’ve come to expect

Alibaba Cloud provides a capable email package at a very low cost than many others that charge high for email alone. Alibaba Cloud ECS offers email storage of 100GB with 5GB personal storage. It also offers support for 1GB attachments. 

There’s a wide range of business-friendly extras like work schedules, meetings, calendars, etc.  

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The next step is – implementation

To introduce the required change, a cloud strategy is not enough. Beyond strategy is the implementation of an effective cloud service

Its ECS model can take much of the burden of continuous improvement by rapidly adjusting, and hence, increasing the overall system efficiency. It has the capacity of creating required IT resources for any small to medium-sized internet business within a few minutes, and thus, can provide a great level of elasticity and scalability for almost any type of business. 

Also, Alibaba Cloud solutions are not limited to businesses, in fact, they can be used by other sectors like healthcare, education, and DevOps. 

ZNetLive can help to make the cloud migration part easy for you. We are offering managed Alibaba Cloud solutions at highly affordable rates. If you are looking for a quick, reliable, and cost-efficient cloud solution, get in touch with us today.

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