Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8 loaded with new Plesk Onyx features for performance, WordPress, SEO, Security and Cloud integration

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What is Plesk Onyx?

Plesk is a leading WebOps and web hosting platform that provides a comprehensive set of technical, security and automation tools for your websites and online businesses on a single platform.

Plesk helps you build your projects, safeguard against vulnerabilities and automate your daily tasks effortlessly. In addition, you can choose from 100+ Extensions for leading tools, including WordPress Toolkit, ServerShield by CloudFlare, Symantec SSL, Google PageSpeed Insights, Docker, Git, and more.

Plesk powers over 11 million websites and 380,000 servers.

Who should use Plesk Onyx?

Plesk Onyx is for those people who:

  • Build advanced websites and web applications

With Plesk Onyx, you get a ready-to-code development platform with complete deployment capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with Docker, Git, Redis, Memcached, MongoDB, Ruby, Node.js and all other languages and tools that you work with.

  • Administrate an organization’s IT infrastructure

Plesk provides you with a single dashboard to administrate new user accounts, server resources, websites and emails, without any hassles. It also helps you effectively automate all your maintenance and security tasks.

  • Run web hosting business of any size

With Plesk as your web hosting platform, you can manage thousands of servers or domains reliably on a scalable architecture. You can use it to differentiate your hosting reselling service and offer value-added upselling with 100+ extensions.

  • Manage web services professionals and digital agencies

Plesk Onyx enables you to run multiple Joomla! and WordPress sites with one-click setup, complete security and smart updating. It also allows you to enhance using staging environments, syncing, cloning, backup and restore functions for simplifying your workload.

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8 loaded with new Plesk Onyx features

With the latest update, Plesk has aligned itself further to the way today’s web professionals work and the infrastructure used today for hosting websites and applications.

There are five main pillars on which the features of new Plesk Onyx version 17.8 focuses upon – Performance, WordPress, SEO, Security and Cloud integration.

Here’s a quick video that takes you on a tour of new features of Plesk Onyx version 17.8, a detailed explanation is given after the video:

1. Build websites and applications faster with new Plesk Onyx

  • Improved onboarding experience
    • Simplified registration process with social login.
    • Easily and instantly get a trial license right after your first login.
    • Initiation help with suggestions for new users.

  • Performance tools
    • Enable NGINX caching by simply ticking a check box.

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8

  • Improved WordPress Toolkit with caching
    • AI for smart updates using Deep Learning technology for intelligently updating your WP instances, themes and plugins.
    • Easily configure caching tools for WordPress websites.
    • Plugins and themes can be configured for coming preinstalled with each new WP instance.
    • Secure updates with added restore points before syncing data or updating WP.
    • Additional security with protection against pingback attack.
    • Better UX and WordPress Management through websites’ screenshots of websites.
    • Better File Manager, Apache & Nginx hosting settings page.

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8

 2. Security – simply foolproof

  • The new entrant – Plesk Advisor
    • Replaces Security Advisor and expands across the system.
    • Recommendations, enhancements and fixes for performance, security, updates, reputation, backups and more.

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8

  • New SSL certificate manager with ‘Keep me secured’ feature
    • Choose from either Symantec or Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.
    • Tracks and automatically safeguards Plesk, new domains, subdomains and webmail with SSL certificates.
    • Upsell from free Domain Validation (DV) certificates to Extended Validation (EV) or Organization Validation (OV) certificates.

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8

3. Performance that helps you run on schedule

  • More intelligent tools for repairing and monitoring
    • Self-repair tool for finding resource consuming processes without CLI and SSH – no technical expert required!
    • Ensure infrastructure by detecting and limiting resources by subscription.

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8

  • Improved Plesk Extensions Catalog
    • Completely modified, redesigned with rapid search, intuitive navigation, and quick auto-updates (within 24 hours).

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8

4. Stronger integration with Hyperscale Cloud services

  • AWS toolbox for easy AWS integration (RDS, Route53).
  • Improved experience of backup-to-cloud or you can also integrate your own cloud storage backup (Incremental, self-restore, scheduled, granular restoration for sites, databases, files, mail accounts and more)
  • Better Cloud experience with Maintenance mode and passive FTP support.

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8

5. SEO Toolkit to help you rank better

  • Plesk SEO Toolkit
    • Use Site Audit for analyzing your websites for common SEO issues and for receiving optimization recommendations.
    • Using Log File Analyzer, you can instantly review search engine crawler activity on your website.
    • You can track your keywords ranking and accordingly modify your SEO strategy.
    • With Plesk, you can monitor competitors and quickly react to ranking changes.

Plesk Onyx latest version 17.8

In addition to so many new features in Plesk’s updated version 17.8, you also get the feature to manage your servers and business on the go with Plesk Mobile. For more information and how you can avail Plesk’s new version 17.8, visit this link:

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