We had welcomed the year 2017 with a never-before enthusiasm and had set resolutions with hopes in our hearts to fulfill them, like each year ?

The times are changing and in these changing times, supposedly called the fourth revolution era, the breakthroughs are happening at an unprecedented rate. Nearly every industry is being disrupted by them. The rate at which the changes are affecting every industry vertical is now exponential and we felt our customers experiencing it more strongly this year. These fast-happening changes have heralded a phase where transformation of entire production, service delivery, management and administration or in short, the complete business set-up is required.

The new and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3-D printing and quantum computing have opened new windows of possibilities for both – the consumers and the service providers as well. With new and better mobile devices, the people are more connected today and the ways they can access new information has multiplied many folds.

This was the year of setting new Digital Transformation objectives, to provide better customer experiences, cybersecurity and no doubt, cloud and advanced technologies.

We, as always, keep customer satisfaction at the top of our business goals. SO, we introduced cloud management services, added new Microsoft Azure solutions and support services and on the content front too, we generated information via blogs, reports, eBooks and more to help our customers and partners stay aware of the latest updates, understand technical jargons and to get the hang of how to(s) in the fourth industrial revolution.

Our primary content focus throughout the year 2017 was to help you – our reader, our customer, get updated knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies, to make you aware of our products, services and sometimes, truthfully speaking, promote our offers too.

Let’s recollect the top publications by ZNetLive in the foregone year:

Some of the best Cloud Computing blogs of 2017:

Cloud is changing how the businesses operate. Thus, cloud was our major focus throughout the year. We came up with cloud computing services blog covering various advantages and benefits of cloud for a business. This included cloud storage blogs, cloud hosting articles, load balancing in cloud computing and key cloud hosting trends, 2017.

Some of the best blogposts about digital transformation:

Cloud driven digital transformation became the buzz. Everyone wanted to know what is digital transformation, why it is important and how digital transformation works. We wrote articles and informative guides to help our customers and partners understand and help them get digitally transformed.

Some of the best Machine Learning and IoT blogs:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT emerged as the growing industry trends in 2017. We wrote various blogposts to help our customers understand – what is machine learning, role of developers in making use of AI and IoT based services, robotics, and how-to guides to help them build and manage various IoT apps and services.

Some of the best Cybersecurity blogs:

We came up with a number of blogs to help our customers and partners understand the potential security threats like Ransomware and wannacry. These blogs posts helped them in securing their business data and email from these malwares and will continue doing so:

Technical blogs and comprehensive guides:

Our technical team worked on some highly useful blogs on various topics ranging from SQL servers, Sleep query, Plesk to server installation and containers.

Reports and eBooks:

Our team generated deeply researched reports that could act as a one-stop comprehensive guide to help you reduce your total infrastructure costs, overcome digital barriers, get traffic on your website, get increased productivity and get better revenues.

Press Releases:

Last year, we rolled out a number of new features, product add-ons and our own domain and web hosting mobile app.

External Media Coverage:

ZNetLive’s Mobile App Launch

We launched our own mobile app to help our customers easily manage their services with us. With it, they get one click help for domain registration, web hosting services, and more. We were extensively covered by:

Managed Microsoft Azure Stack with complete Support

We extended complete support for managed Microsoft Azure Stack. The news was covered by leading media houses.

ZNetLive To Add Hybrid Cloud Solution Based on Microsoft Azure stack to its product portfolio

We’re excited to witness what more technological transformations will 2018 bring. Let us know what are your goals and expectations this new year. We await your comments.

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