ZNetLive team attended Plesk APAC partner day on October 11, 2019 at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore.

ZNet at Plesk event

The exclusive conference for Plesk partners was organized to help the Plesk partners gain a competitive advantage with insights on selling innovative solutions with Plesk Obsidian – the new innovative Plesk platform and help drive digital transformation.

 The event focused on:

  • What’s new in Plesk Obsidian and what to expect in the future.
  • Behind the scenes of Plesk Obsidian development.
  • Insights related to the WordPress Community through a WordPress influencer.
  • How can partners integrate value-added services to drive digital transformation?
  • Marketing tips on how to sell services and not only infrastructure.
  • How partners can develop managed WordPress offerings with Plesk Extensions and Obsidian.

The event provided networking opportunities via keynotes and interactive sessions with Plesk experts, guest speakers, and sponsors. The event sessions discussed the challenges in the web hosting landscape and how they can be overcome.

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 1

The Plesk partner day was powered by Acronis, Virtuozzo, cloubric and Kolab.

Plesk APAC Partner Day Sessions

There were sessions on:

  • The Rise Of Plesk Obsidian – Jan Löffler, CTO, Plesk
Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 2

Jan told about the next generation Plesk Obsidian – the next-level server management platform that provides:

  • Improved User Experience: Obsidian’s new professional look and feel for admins, users, and resellers streamlines the Web Project Lifecycle. With Website Overview, websites can be managed easily from a single screen. You get better File Manager UX and personalized HTML notifications, even when logged off.
  • Tighter Security and Monitoring: Plesk Obsidian is more effective at avoiding outages and revenue loss. Server security is now more robust with SSL IT! along with Mod Security & Fail2ban with available 3rd party extensions. SNI for Mail Services ensures mail security and privacy.
  • Maximum value and productivity: You get ready to code platform along with optimized Webstack with tools like Redis, Node.js, Git, Memcached, and Docker services. Crashed systems will start automatically and you also get Composer (PHP Dependency Manager) Support v2.0, Optimized Backups that need less disk space and PageSpeed Module that’s precompiled with NGINX.
  • Increased control and flexibility: New Advanced Monitoring & Grafana extensions are highly useful. The Restricted Mode helps you control the server-side operations that Plesk admins can take care of. Resellers, users, admins can move domains between subscriptions via CLI and Obsidian interface.
Plesk APAC Partner Day

So, refusing new Plesk Obsidian will be like:

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 3
  • A look behind the scenes of Plesk Obsidian Development – Andrey Kugaevsky, Senior Program Manager, Plesk

Andrey shared secrets of the Plesk engineering team and behind the scenes of Plesk Obsidian and WordPress Toolkit development. It took 18 months to develop, they fixed 1,911 bugs, implemented 535 user stories and drank innumerable cups of coffee 😉

Andrey shared how important is user feedback to the Plesk Development team and how they decide to work on the public suggestions (1500+) and prioritize them based on usage statistics.

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 4
  • Vickson’s Diaries – Vickson Tan, Graphic web designer, and digital marketing strategist, Exabytes.

A web designing pro and a passionate digital marketing strategist, Vickson looked at Plesk Obsidian through the eyes of a user and highlighted his favorite features and functionalities with which Plesk Obsidian helps in reducing complexities in the lives of web professionals and improves user experience.

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 5
  • Bloggers need Managed WordPress Hosting too! – Liew Cheon Fong, WordPress consultant

A pro blogger and a WordPress Consultant, Liew shared insights about what bloggers seek in web hosting, how they need high bandwidth and good space when their blog begins to show growth and why it’s important for web hosting providers to talk about hosting services in a language that a blogger understands.

  • How to build a WordPress Millennium Falcon with Plesk Extensions – Markus Galler, VP of Sales, Plesk

Marcus compared the new Plesk Obsidian with Millennium Falcon, the spaceship that can’t be crashed. Just like Millennium Falcon, Plesk is fast, reliable and is getting more sophisticated day by day. He told that more hosting customers trust their hosting provider rather than a new third party and thus, they can make their own ‘Millennium Falcon’ style WordPress hosting with Plesk Obsidian and extensions.

Plesk APAC Partner Day

He shared market insights and first-hand tips on how Plesk partners can sell profitably and best in class WordPress hosting offerings that are safe, innovative, stable, intelligent, profitable and fast.

Some of his suggestions are as shown in the slide below:

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 6
  • Stranger Things on WordPress Hosting – Sam Suresh, Founder of MU DOT MY PLT

Sam highlighted some WordPress user challenges when it comes to web hosting. An organizer of WordCamps and meetups, he discussed strange facts that he discovered about hosting solutions for WordPress users.

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 7
  • Patricia’s Guide to the Galaxy – Patricia Hillebrand, Director of Global Channels, Plesk

Patricia focused on GenZ and how they are becoming a force to reckon with with their buying power and the way they make decisions. It’s high time to start marketing to the next generation as they will make up 40% of the world population by 2020.

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 8

Patricia shared 10 useful tips on how to market hosting services to GenZ in her session which are summarized as follows:

  1. Take them seriously
  2. Social will be your bread and butter
  3. Encourage reviews
  4. Get in the (mobile) news
  5. Mobile marketing should be your primary platform
  6. Speak their language
  7. Develop unique products and campaigns
  8. Entertain first, inform second
  9. Personalize your brand‘s vision and mission
  10. Provide an uplifting and positive message – ideally, your product or service can make the world a better place.
  • Automating protection and expanding business with Acronis – Oleg Prosvetov, Technology consultant, Acronis

Web hosting space is getting constricted with margins shrinking rapidly. But it’s a crucial service needed to keep the businesses online. Oleg, a technology consultant at Acronis, discussed how you can automate the redundant tasks associated with backing up and recovering Plesk hosting infrastructure with Acronis. While doing so, you can explore new revenue generation opportunities and high margin potential by selling Acronis.

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 9
  • From Complexity to Simplicity – Maik Broemme, Senior Product Manager, Virtuozzo

In his session, Maik, Senior Product Manager, Virtuozzo, and Virtuozzo Platform, shared some actual use cases on how Virtuozzo infrastructure helps accelerate business growth while decreasing operational expenses.

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 10
  • How Digital Transformation affects the Hosting Industry – Gavin Gibson, COO, and Co-Founder, Dreamescape Networks, Singapore; Andy Saw, COO, Exabytes Networks; Manoj Dhanda, CEO, and Founder, MicroHost

In this panel discussion, panelists shared as to how technology is completely changing our daily lives and is transforming the way servers, websites and applications are managed in the cloud.

They discussed the role that service providers can play in driving digital transformation and deal with stiff competition while increasing their profit margins at the same time.

ZNetLive is the authorized distributor of Plesk licenses and features among the World’s top hosters, WordPress edition, per Plesk research.

Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 11
Team ZNetLive visits Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 in Singapore 12

Plesk APAC Partner Day 2019 was a great success. You can also play a role in driving digital transformation with Plesk. Get in touch with Plesk experts at ZNetLive today!