A popular Murphy’s law states that if given a chance, things that can go wrong, will go wrong. This is true for life and business both. Life is unpredictable and so is business. You never know when things will favor you or your business or when the tides will turn against you.

We cannot stop things from going wrong, so we need to be prepared before the tides turn. For a business, data loss and data theft come in all shapes and sizes and have severe consequences. Data Backup can protect a business against any serious harm in case of unforeseen circumstances or catastrophes.

Backups serve two purposes-

  • Recovery of data after its loss.
  • Recovery of data from an earlier time.

Almost every system maintains regular internal backups of all customer data for recovery purposes, but sometimes it is not advisable to rely on internal backups only as they may be on-premise and are overwritten on rotational basis.
Here comes in the importance of self-managed backups where a mention of Plesk becomes mandatory.

Plesk Onyx, the new and smoothest upgrade of Plesk is built around the needs of IT people and its web hosting control panel helps you go agile with the extensions and powerful features it offers- Docker and Git support, WordPress toolkit, multi-server and more.

Its ready to code environment is too good to simplify development workloads for web professionals. If you ever wish to not share resources with others, you can use its dedicated application pooling.

Plesk Offers best backup manager tool to help you manage backups on your own while meeting your specific needs. With this backup tool, you get the option of creating backups for the entire server or separate backups for each domain.

Plesk’s data backup functions help you perform the following operations:

  • Manual backup. Plesk allows you to back up the reseller account configuration, customer accounts configuration in Plesk with or without the domains’ data along with website, mail content and more.
  • Schedule backup. With Plesk, you can automate backup at a specified interval.

The following article details about creating safe backups in Plesk –

I. Backing Up the Entire Server

To back up the user data that you have on your server and the configuration settings of the server:

1. Begin by logging into your Plesk panel.

2. Go to Tools & Settings tab on the Home page menu and click on the Backup Manager link under Tools & Resources section.

Tools and settings plesk

3. Click on the Back Up tab and Back Up the Server page opens.

Backup manager plesk

4. On the Back Up the Server page, specify the following details-

  • What data you want to back up- the server settings only, or server settings and all user data, files.
  • Location to store the backup file. Select the repository where you want to store the backup file.
  • Type of backup -Full or Incremental

⇒Select Full, if you want to backup complete data (A full backup can include either configuration or configuration and content, depending on what you selected in Backup).

⇒Select Incremental, if you want to backup only the changes made since the previous Full back

  • If you want all log files to be excluded from the backup (including the logs from the system directory), select Exclude log files.
  • If you do not want to include some files or directories into backup, click Exclude specific files from the backup.
  • If you wish to get notification of the backup completion, click When a backup task is completed, send a notification email to and type your email address.
  • Select Suspend domains until the backup task is completed option to prohibit any changes to content or settings of websites, while they are being backed up.

5. Click on the OK button. The backup process starts.

When the process of backing up completes, the backup file will get saved to the storage, selected by you.

Backup content plesk image

II.Backups created by and for Customers

Plesk allows its customers to use the backup and restore facilities. They can back up and restore their own account settings and websites through the Customer Panel.

The following directions detail how a customer can create a backup of a domain-

1. Login to Plesk Panel.

2. Click on the Customers tab on the Home page menu.

3. Select the domain which you want to back up from the list of customer’s domains in the Domains tab or subscriptions from the Subscriptions tab.

4. Click on the Backup Manager tab on the upper right hand side of the page.

Backup Manager domain

5. Next, click on Back Up tab to make an immediate backup or on Schedule tab to schedule a backup.

Backup tab

6.When you schedule backup, Scheduled Backup Settings page opens wherein you need to fill required details. Click on Ok to start the process of backup.

Schedule backup settings

7. Backup process starts.

ackup Manager for demo domain

8. You can also download the backup, if you wish to do so.

Download Backup

 Thus, creating backups with Plesk Onyx is easier than ever!

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