W3care Technologies, a leading name in the web design and development sector in India, has been delivering the best web services to thousands of clients based around the world for nearly a decade. W3care provides a multitude of web services including website setup and development; iOS and Android app design and development; customized software and multimedia solutions; ecommerce solutions; and website upgrade, migration, customization and maintenance services.

To accelerate the pace of development and strengthen the core of its online services with secure and reliable hosting infrastructure, W3care adopted dedicated hosting and cloud solutions from ZNetLive. The solutions have helped the company innovate and get to market faster.

Satya Prakash, CEO and founder of W3care Technologies recently had a candid conversation with us and opened up about their challenges as a web development company. He discussed how ZNetLive’s web hosting solutions have empowered them to streamline their development process and meet their aim of becoming the prime performer among their clients for on-time delivery and ability to meet quick turnaround requests.

W3care: Satya Prakash: In his own words. Watch Live video.

Satya Prakash, CEO and founder of W3care Technologies, discussed their priorities and why they consider ZNetLive as the best web hosting and cloud solution provider for them. Here is what he said.

Tell us about W3care technologies and how it was formed.

Satya Prakash: W3care Technologies is a process driven organization, focused on classic web and UI design & development. We offer complete web services from designing to development and from content to SEO. Also, we are working on iOS and Android app development (native mobile applications) since last 8 years. Our services include –

  • Expression Engine Extension Development in India
  • Addon/Extension & Plugin Development
  • Logo Design Services
  • Content Management System
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Maintenance Services

W3care services

Regarding setting up W3care, it was during my job with a Jaipur based MNC that I conceived its idea. In 2010, I finally decided to leave my job and started it.

Initially, I was helped by one of my friends and gradually we built W3care team. Currently, we are a team of 50 engineers, working with a number of businesses across a range of industries.

What are the business goals of W3care?

Satya Prakash: Customer satisfaction is our main business goal. We focus on high-quality, timely delivery of solutions to our clients across the globe. We aim to become a prime performer, innovate even faster and further reduce maintenance costs. Thus, we emphasize on the needs for execution excellence, technology enhancement and process improvement. The company aims to work towards improving the two key parameters: quality and reliability.

We want all our customers to experience the online success they set out to achieve. So, we have designed different but adaptable engagement models for our different customers in order to meet their diverse needs.

W3care web development engagement model

What were the challenges that brought you to ZNetLive?

Satya Prakash: Yes, I think it is difficult. Being a website development company means that you must make sure that all your customers’ problems are treated with understanding and empathy and solved at the drop of a hat.

Scalability is another difficult thing for web developers to manage. Slow web applications are again a failure because customers abscond slow loading website, thus damaging your revenue as well as reputation. Thus, downtime is a curse for us. During our entire web development lifecycle, we need to keep in mind performance + usability.

We are catering to small and medium sized industries and mostly they are the agencies who have expertise in getting good projects. They divide the project and outsource to us.

As we have a background in web development and designing, our major pain point is hosting, server management and mostly the support.

It is very easy to get hosting or servers from the industry. There are so many players but when it comes to support, it is really a major pain point.”

What’s the one thing that excites you most about working with ZNetLive?

Satya Prakash: I have worked with five to six leading web hosting companies. They seem to have good infrastructure, good pricing and plans but support is not that great.

Then, I came in touch with ZNetLive.

The good thing about ZNetLive is, they have 24 hours support and their team is well versed with technical knowledge whether it is Amazon Web Services based hosting, Microsoft Azure, VPS, conventional dedicated or the cloud hosting.”

We have been using their high performance dedicated servers and for one of the projects, we are using their cloud VPS hosting services.

ZNetLive’s managed dedicated hosting solved our scalability and security challenges. Their dedicated servers come with managed features-Enterprise SSD HDDs, DDR3 ECC RAM and complete 24×7 support through phone, chat and tickets.

I find ZNetLive really amazing in terms of the pricing, infrastructure and the support”.

Their 24×7 personalized support allows us to serve our customers faster, spend less time on problems and focus on winning new businesses.

High-level responsiveness of their support team helps us to provide excellent customer service and accelerate our business. I am removing inhouse server in next 1 year and we would be outsourcing our every server need to ZNetLive”. – Satya Prakash, CEO, W3care.

If you earlier gave it a miss, watch the complete conversation with CEO of W3care here.

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