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How ZNetLive WordPress hosting helped Wire19 become a traffic magnet?

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Moving to the ZNetLive WordPress Hosting solution helped Wire19 increase page speed by 57% and manage several concurrent connections.

Running a media portal is definitely not an easy task! Especially, when you are in a constant race against your competitors. You cannot afford a delay of even a few seconds.

Wire19 is a comprehensive information portal that brings latest updates from across the IT industry on trending topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Digital Transformation, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics, and more.

They promote knowledge sharing and interaction between different industry members via informative articles, news, CXO’s interviews, reports, and infographics.


The challenges faced by Wire19

When they initially started small, with a decent number of subscribers and news stories, their site was running fine.

But as they started to take off to touch a higher number of subscribers (around 3K) and news stories (1300+), things started getting difficult for them.

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Wire19 site was not able to manage the traffic, which in turn increased their page loading time.

The website loaded very slow. Latency is a very important feature of a website. A page that loads slowly will eventually demotivate the visitors. Their inbox started flooding with messages like “Your site loads so slow” “I am not able to access your site on mobile” and others.

  • When they started, they had almost no idea about caching and security issues. To their horror, their site faced a number of attacks. They were not able to find a permanent solution to secure their website from cyberattacks.
  • Wire19 is a very content-intensive website with multiple elements like news, articles, reports, whitepapers, interviews, etc. As the content volume increased, they wondered if they should back up their data.
  • One of the most daunting tasks was to manually check for WordPress updates.
  • Their mobile traffic was also increasing.

Gradually, they realized that they needed an optimized hosting solution that could potentially save them from these headaches, and free them to focus on their core business- content generation and marketing.

This is when they came across the optimized WordPress Hosting solution by ZNetLive.

Why Wire19 chose the ZNetLive WordPress Hosting solution?

They dedicated a considerable amount of time in researching about the best WordPress hosting solutions and their features.

The features that they found in managed WordPress Hosting solution by ZNetLive matched their expectations.

Managed Alibaba Cloud

Cheaper, Faster & Secure Cloud Hosting

ZNetLive Managed WordPress Hosting solution was accompanied by a highly interactive Plesk control panel.

It provided them with what their site needed – solid compatibility, security, automation, speed, and optimization.

After migrating to ZNetLive managed WordPress hosting, their site was able to handle several concurrent connections without compromising on the page load time. Database and server-level optimization helped Wire19 website to increase its speed.

“The speed of everything on our site – from publishing web posts to loading and handling front-end request, doubled. They have brilliant support and blazing-fast set-up.” – Nitesh Bhargava, Wire19.

Plesk powered WordPress toolkit

With the WordPress hosting solution by ZNetLive, they also got Plesk WordPress Toolkit that helped them work faster, better and safer.

Plesk WordPress Toolkit specifically caters to the needs of a WordPress site with easy synchronization of instances, debug management, password protection, and site indexing.

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Leading WebOps and Web Hosting platform

The one-click WordPress management further helped them manage all themes, plugins, updates, etc. from one place.

Here’s what changed since they switched to WordPress Hosting powered by ZNetLive:

#1 Automatic updates

This is one of the key challenges which Wire19 team faced. Outdated files and plugins are an easy target for the hackers who are always on a look-out for such security loopholes.

Manually keeping a check on every update is practically impossible. But, with ZNetLive WordPress Hosting, they did not need to worry about updates. The site was configured to download latest updates automatically.

#2 Better performance

With SSD accelerated storage, latest PHP and dev/stage and production environments, Wire19 site started performing well.

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Their readers’ messages on their social media platforms were now appreciative of what they were doing – articles, news, etc. and no more of their site and its technicalities.

Since the loading time decreased, they experienced a significant rise in their pageviews counts too.

#3 Hassle-free backups

Being a content-heavy site, they needed a permanent solution to back-up their site information. Now, with ZNetLive WordPress Hosting solution, they got their site regularly backed up.

The backup manager further allowed them to take backup on Google Drive, AWS S3, Digital Ocean, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

#4 Full protection and security

WordPress is always the favorite hangout place of hackers. The solution came with an automated SSL certificate. Now Wire19 site is scanned daily for any malware and has an active DDoS protection.

#5 Real-time statistics on website performance

Google PageSpeed Insights that came with ZNetLive WordPress hosting helped the Wire19 team gain quick insights into their site’s performance.

The page responsiveness and mobile-friendliness also improved with the migration. The following screenshots show their page responsiveness across various devices- tablet, android, iPhone, etc.





#6 Quick Optimization

The Speed Kit helped them identify different elements on their site that needed optimization to reduce the site loading time. They did that and experienced better results in no time.

#7 24×7 Support

This was a definite requirement of team Wire19. As they were using WordPress hosting for the first time, they needed guidance. ZNetLive support helped them whenever they asked for it.

“Our experience with ZNetLive has been great. I will recommend it to anybody who is looking for high-performing WordPress hosting.” – Himanshu Joshi, Technical Head, Wire19.

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