5 top benefits of moving to the Public Cloud

According to Bryan Britz, research director at Gartner-“Public cloud adoption is accelerating and public cloud services do,and will, cannibalize IT services spending in the coming years, most notably in the data center”.

Public cloud is the most recognizable form of cloud computing in which public cloud provider renders applications, servers, infrastructure, storage and other resources to businesses or individuals in virtualized environment over the internet. Few popular examples of public cloud services include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), IBM’s Blue Cloud and Microsoft Azure Platform.public clud benefits

Let’s dig deeper as to why public cloud hosting services are growing by leaps and bounds.

Benefits of Public Cloud hosting

There are multiple advantages of public cloud but here are five most important ones:

1. Reduce both Capex & Opex of your business

The payment method in public cloud hosting is metered by the usage -this practice being similar to that of electricity or other utility bill, wherein you pay only for those resources that you procure.

Apart from that, public cloud helps you get the most out of your existing IT system, eliminating the need of up gradation. Thus, it saves your money and resources from getting wasted.

Also, its multi-tenant environment (centralized management) allows multiple users to share computing resources which makes it cost efficient as infrastructure costs are spread across all users.

2. Develop things and scale resources faster

You can develop web, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise apps faster for any device or platform as it is compatible with different operating systems, frameworks, devices, databases, tools and languages.

Public cloud hosting being the vast network of cloud servers, offers individuals or businesses the opportunity to scale the resources –bandwidth, RAM etc. whenever their business necessitates it. You also get the elasticity to accommodate your growing or reducing business needs.

3. Run applications globally

Another major benefit of public cloud service is that it is accessible from any location via an internet connection. This provides multiple opportunities to organizations like remote access to IT infrastructure or online document collaboration from different locations.

Microsoft Office 365 is a fine example of this utility of public cloud.

4. Get zero risk assurance

Another important advantage of Microsoft public cloud is that it guarantees maximum uptime and no risk of failure.

As it is the system of interconnected servers, so if any one server fails to take your request, then, another one out of the multiple servers will take over the workload of the failed server automatically.

Thus, you experience flawless performance.

5. Maintain backup of all your critical data

It facilitates easy upload and storage of important data, files, documents, videos which you can access from anywhere across the world. Thus, you don’t need to deploy and maintain costly data storage appliances. Our Azure public cloud helps you to maintain backup and privacy of your critical data.

Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive, are popular examples of cloud storage services.

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