Post revamping ZNetLive’s Easy Affiliate Program earlier this year, and launching our new Affiliate control panel, we received several feedbacks from both our existing affiliates and the new ones who signed up.

Many of our active affiliates over the years who earn good revenue on a monthly basis by simply recommending us, suggested us many new features to include in the program so as to increase their revenue streams even more.

A lot of these new features made good sense to us, so we worked on them and have now made them live.

The PPT below gives you a quick overview of the new features:

#1 Special Discounts for your website visitors

How can you convince more and more people to make purchase from us via your affiliate URL only, so that you can earn maximum revenue?

Perhaps there could be a way in which people get discounts on our services only if they purchase via you?

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Sounds great, right?

Introducing – Special Discounts! Our affiliate team can set some special discounts for you. These special discounts will be visible to only those visitors who come at our website via your Unique Affiliate URL.

This way, the customers you refer stand to save big when they purchase from us via you. You, at the same time, can convert more and more of your referrals into our customers, and thereby earn significantly more money.

What more?

We will also display a message on our website that makes the customer aware about the value for money he will get while making the purchase via you!

The screenshot below gives you an idea of how our entire website’s pricing will change whenever someone you refer visits us.


So how do I activate special discounts on my affiliate URL?

It’s simple. Place a request to our affiliate team via your affiliate panel and we’ll get back to you!

Click the ‘Request Special Discount’ button at the ‘Discounts & Commissions’ tab at your affiliate panel, fill-up the form that opens, and your Dedicated Affiliate manager will get in touch with you asap.

Once the discount is activated on your URL, you can share it via social media, emails, and embed it in the banners at your website/blog.

The increase in conversions you will see post activating the special discounts will be huge and so will be your revenue 🙂

#2 A Separate Web Page for you at

Because what better way than a separate, dedicated web page for you at our website to let people know that you’re a premium partner of ours, and can help them get special discounts?

A step ahead from the special discount – we can create an altogether separate web page for you at our website.

This page will contain your website logo, name, other branding elements, as well as the discounts that the customers will get when they make a purchase via you.

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Your unique page on our website ensures that the people you refer to us get to know that you are a premium partner of ours, and hence increases the number of conversions you can get.

The screenshot below gives you an idea of how a separate web page for DailyHostNews, one of our premium partners on our website looks like.


#3 Custom Banner Creation for your website/blog

Our designing team can create special banners just for your website/blog. Custom banners help you get more conversions than normal banners in our affiliate banner library! They blend in well will your website/blog, are more catchy and contain information about you being a special partner of ours.

The banners below give you an idea of how the custom banners created especially for one of our partners look like:


All affiliates of ours are eligible for availing the above feature. All you need to do is drop our affiliate team an email at, and we will get back to you at the soonest.

You’ve a dedicated account manager who’ll guide you through every step

That’s me 🙂 In my capacity as a dedicated account manager, I’ll help you out with tips and tricks on how to make maximum money from your affiliate account. All you have to do is signup, and me and my affiliate team will guide you and take care of every step along the way.

There are so many other features that are of great utility to you and can help you make quick money by doing virtually nothing, but there is only so much I can pen down in a blog post 🙂

Here is a previous blog post of mine that walks you through ZNetLive’s Affiliate Program features, and how you can quickly signup.

Do you have any thoughts to share on our new features? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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