There is one thing that is of utmost importance to the growth of every business – word of mouth. No marketing strategy or investment, no matter how small or big, has the effect as effective as that of a person recommending a particular service to other. How many of you choose to watch a particular movie, buy a particular product, dine at a particular restaurant, just because a friend has recommended it? We all do – populated with excessive options to choose from, we all trust and allow ‘references’ by people whom we trust to make the decisions for us.

Which is why, our web hosting affiliate program exists.

What is Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a system where a person refers another person to use a particular service and in turn gets paid a certain amount by the company/organization/business who owns that service.

We all recommend a product or service we like to our friends all the time. How good would it be if we could earn decent money while doing this so!

This is the beauty of affiliate program – one can make good money while virtually putting zero efforts.

This is how pretty much every affiliate program runs. You recommend a ZNetLive’s service, be it anything – domain name, web hosting, business email, dedicated server, VPS, Cloud server, or SSL certificate to someone who can buy it, and when he buys it, you get paid a decent amount from us. This ‘someone’ can be anyone – your friend, a colleague, someone who visits your website, someone who reads your blog write-ups frequently –basically anyone who is in need of and is likely to purchase our services.

So what did we do new while revamping our affiliate program?

Revamping our affiliate program

Traditionally, all affiliate programs used to run on a very mechanical model, and were limited to use by people who were well-versed with the online world.

An affiliate had to put up a banner of a company’s services on his website/blog, and when someone happened to come across that banner, click on it and purchase the services, the affiliate got paid.

This limited the scope of ‘recommending’ a lot. You had to have a blog/website to become an affiliate, that too one with decent traffic so as to increase the chances of getting a conversion.

We wanted to take this complexity out.

How can you make money via our affiliate program?

Get your custom URL, share it with your friends.

When you become ZNetLive’s affiliate, we provide you with a URL, that is unique, and contains your affiliate ID. Whenever someone clicks on this URL and makes a purchase, our automated system will transfer your commission into your account and also notify you. You can share this URL anyway you want:

  • Share your URL with friends on social media.
  • Know someone who wants to buy domains/hosting? Mail him your link and ask to make a purchase by clicking on it.
  • Put our affiliate banners on your blog/website. Refer us to all your visitors and increase chances of conversion.
  • Write blog posts on web hosting and embed your URL on relevant keywords.

Services ZNetLive offer:

Buy Domain Names

Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Server

How much money can you make?

Unlimited. While earning money via our affiliate program requires no effort, the more effort you put, the more money you make. You can make as much as $1515 per sale if someone you refer purchases a dedicated server from us.

Our affiliate program features an ‘incremental tier structure’ i.e the more customers you refer, the more is your commission per sale. The table below in the quick presentation we made will give a better idea on this.

The system is completely automated

You don’t have to worry about how many customers you referred to us, how many of them made a purchase, what is your commission, when/how the commission will get transferred to your bank account etc.

We’ve a completely automated system in place that takes care of everything and keeps you updated in real time. You can login to your affiliate control panel to get complete insight into your affiliate account – the number of sales via your URL, the amount of commission per sale, when that commission will get released, how much traffic you have given to our website etc.

The presentation below gives you a quick overview of ZNetLive’s Web Hosting Affiliate Control panel:

You’ve a dedicated account manager who’ll guide you through every step

That’s me 🙂 In my capacity as a dedicated account manager, I’ll help you out with tips and tricks on how to make maximum money from your affiliate account. All you have to do is signup, and me and my affiliate team will guide you and take care of every step along the way.

There are so many other features that are of great utility to you and can help you make quick money by doing virtually nothing, but there is only so much I can pen down in a blog post 🙂

How to join ZNetLive’s Affiliate Program?

You can easily join ZNetLive’s Affiliate Program by following either of the below mentioned steps:

  • If you are an existing customer of ZNetLive then simply log-in your member panel, visit your dashboard  and select Easy Affiliate Program under Partner Program.
  • If you are not an existing customer then you can simply visit ZNetLive’s website and click ‘Join Now’

Please go through the links below for more information:

If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you asap 🙂


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