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Keep your Linux servers updated and running

With this Plesk extension, you can protect your Linux servers against vulnerabilities and security flaws. Updates are installed on the go, without server reboot.
It helps system administrators to:
  • Avoid complex process of planning, coordinating and scheduling downtime for clients.
  • Save time spent on updating and troubleshooting servers on weekends or at night.
  • Keep kernels safe as patches are applied automatically, as soon as they are released.

KernelCare is available as an addon with

Benefits of Plesk KernelCare Extension

Always on servers

Since the kernel patches are deployed without rebooting servers, there's no downtime, saving precious time of admins and money of the clients.
Zero hassle updates

KernelCare supports both – automatic and manual updates. It not only checks for updates every four hours but allows to roll the changes back. It shows the time server remains up and current kernel version.
Easy run and simple install

It is an easy single-line installation that can be done quickly. It simply runs in the background, without affecting any systems.
Operating systems support

It supports a number of operating systems and their versions, including CentOS, RHEL, CloudLinux, Oracle Linux, Debian, Proxmox, Ubuntu, Virtuozzo/Open VZ and more.