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A one-click solution to accelerate your website

Page speed is an important feature of your website that directly affects the revenue. Built on top of Fastly, Speed Kit has the ability to combine the advantages of world's fastest content delivery network with cutting-edge technologies. This translates to superior convenience and an unparalleled performance uplift of 50 to 300%.
Speed Kit CDN
Static Content Caching
Dynamic Content Caching
One-Click Setup
Native GDPR-Compliance
3rd-Party Caching
Offline Mode
Web Push
Performance Monitoring

Speed Kit is available as an addon with

Amazing features to optimize your website and give it a boost

Personalized Content Caching

It can accelerate even personalized data such as user-specific greeting or shopping cart through its unique feature called Dynamic Blocks.
Image Optimization

It can accelerate page loads and save bandwidth by resizing and transcoding various images according to the device dimensions of a user.
Performance Monitoring

Speed Kit regularly measures and optimizes the Speed Index and ensures that customers experience a fast browsing experience on your website.
Dynamic Content Caching

Speed Kit's Bloom filter-based cache coherence scheme caches the smallest data changes like HTML or user comments and ensures that the user never sees stale content.
Web Push

Web Push has a built-in offline mode that shows user the last-seen version of your app instead of displaying an error message in case of connectivity issues. It transforms website into a comprehensive PWA (Progressive Web App).
Edge & Client Caching

Speed Kit serves your data from CDN edge caches and caches within the user device for better load times.