We all rely on recommendations and reviews for choosing which movie to see, which restaurant to dine in, or which smartphone to purchase.

These recommendations can be from anyone – a close friend, an acquaintance from your Facebook feed you’ve never met or even a random blogger who is reviewing or comparing the smartphones you want to choose from – right?

This tendency of ours to rely on others’ feedback to make the right choice is what can help you make the maximum money from the liate program.

#1Write relevant blogs

Blogging is the best method to get maximum conversions via your affiliate link. Why best? Let’s see.

If you want people to purchase SSL certificates via your affiliate link, write a relevant blog on “Ways to secure and authenticate your website”, “Online transactions: get more customers by securing your website”, or “How to choose the right SSL certificate”.

These blogs will get indexed in search engine results and bring to your blog relevant visitors who are actually looking to purchase SSL certificates and are searching the web to read articles that can help them make the right choice.

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Your articles and advice can help them and you, in turn, can earn the commission when they make a purchase via your URL.

Similarly, when it comes to web hosting, you can write articles about what web hosting is, or even compare various web hosting providers whose affiliate programs you’ve joined as well and can write about making money via web hosting affiliate programs.

Your blogs will keep on getting you good traffic and money for the lifetime via search engines.

The two key points to keep in mind here are:

  • Write articles that are relevant to the products you are recommending.
  • Keep it subtle.  Make sure that your articles don’t come across as too ‘Loud’ or ‘Advertisey’. (A good way to recommend without coming across as promotional is using the “Powered by ZNetLive” seals.)

 #2Give your website visitors a special deal

Make your website visitors feel special by letting them know that they can get special discounts only if they purchase via your affiliate link.

Also, contact your provider to see if they can provide you with custom affiliate banners for your blog/website or you can design some yourself too if you’ve basic designing skills.

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Custom banners contain branding and logo of both you and your providers’ website. Thus this makes your website visitors think that you’ve a special association with the provider, can get them good discounts and hence increase the chances of conversion multiple times.

ZNetLive provides its affiliates with special discounts, custom banners and separate landing pages on znetlive.com as well.

#3Use simple time saving methods

Remember, affiliate program isn’t only about writing blogs or uploading affiliate banners. You can simply make a FaceBook post with your affiliate URL or tweet with your affiliate URL as well. 

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Know someone who is likely to purchase web hosting or domain names or any other online product? You can mail them your affiliate link too and  let them know how they stand to benefit if they make a purchase via your link.

A lot of our affiliates make good money by simply circulating their affiliate link well.


Affiliate programs are a great way to earn a handsome monthly revenue by putting little effort.  Make sure you use the right methods and you’ll be surprised to see how effective they can be 🙂

If you have any views/suggestions regarding the write up or our affiliate program, don’t hesitate to leave your comments in the box below.

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