Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, business owners face some unique challenges when it comes to adopting the cloud, with security of their critical data being a major one. But today, the cloud market is teeming with multiple efficient cloud providers that are capable of fulfilling each and every business need of an organization, from IT infrastructure to its management, to the data security in cloud.

If you are new to the cloud, securing your data, files and systems may seem difficult. But today, there are various cloud data security solutions that provide complete protection of your confidential information. Also, cloud service providers have the skilled technical workforce to handle everything with timely upgraded security products. The privacy of your data also depends on you and it’s your choice as to how you share your data internally or externally as:

  • Employees working remotely with their laptops and mobile devices are in more danger of data theft because the level of security may not be the same as within the office premises.
  • Due to frequent sharing of documents or data with the other parties, there’s an increase in the chances of it falling in the wrong hands.
  • The location of your data storage is of great importance, even if offshore.
  • Through traffic hijacking, attackers can steal the user information to gain access which can cause both financial and reputation damage.

How cloud can help with data security?

In recent years, the use of cloud technology for various applications by public and private sector has increased to a great extent as it improves the operational efficiency, responsiveness and competitiveness with the right security mechanism.

Let’s discuss the cloud security mechanism in detail:

  1. Reduces the exposure of sensitive data: Cloud enables you to secure your most confidential data by using the strongest cloud data tokenization and encryption techniques. Strong passwords, zip files and encryption software provide the high level of protection and keep your information or data away from the hackers’ reach. Also, with cloud, you are able to safeguard your trade secrets and extremely sensitive data by storing them at different places, other than where you usually store your data.

  2. Provides permissions for limited access: Cloud enables you to identify and authenticate users before granting access to them. As your data can be stolen by anyone – even your staff, so you should protect it by giving only limited access to the data that’s needed to perform their job, with encryption keys.

  3. Prevents or curtails viruses and malware infection: With various protective antivirus services, you are able to secure your PC’s endpoints from multiple unknown cyber security threats like SQL injection, DDoS attacks, and cross-site scripting. These applications/scripts are all regularly updated or upgraded with new features and functionalities from the security point of view. With a cloud model – Software as a Service (SaaS), latest upgraded security measures are made available to the customers via internet as soon as they are released.

  4. Provides a secure back-up plan: Cloud provides the benefits of virtualization, and you can remotely access the data in it by using secure log in details. It can be used as a back-up plan to replicate your data and access a copy over a private or public network. Thus, in the case of any disaster – manmade or natural, you are able to access your offsite server hosted by a third party vendor who charges you on pay-as-go basis.

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  5. Comes in secure deployment models: A cloud deployment model – private cloud gives you the highest security with efficiency, agility and speed. It is ideal for sites handling private information and maintaining records of important data of their clients. Another secure deployment model, the hybrid cloud is the combination of best features of private and public cloud.

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Other security related advantages of cloud for organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • Simplifying security auditing and testing.
  • Enabling automated security management.
  • Providing access to highly qualified IT security personnel.
  • Helping achieve compliance with leading self-regulatory frameworks.

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