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How Shyam Infotech maximized its customer satisfaction using enterprise grade hosting services?

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A full cycle software development company, Shyam Infotech is a provider of an extensive range of IT services and web solutions for corporates in India and across the globe. They have a strong footing in software development and allied activities like analysis, design, and administration of information technology.

We talked with Sachin Garg, Director of Shyam Infotech Pvt. Ltd. about why they got introduced to ZNetLive’s hosting services and how does enterprise-grade hosting services raised their customer satisfaction level and helped them deliver their services smoothly.

Watch live video of Shyam Infotech’s success journey with ZNetLive.

Here is what Sachin Garg told ZNetLive about their business needs and their experience with hosting solutions from ZNetLive.

Please tell us what is Shyam Infotech Pvt. Ltd and what does it do.

Sachin Garg: It’s a part of Shyam Infotech’s business to manage projects of all sizes and complexity levels. Equipped with modern technological processes, experienced and skilled software engineers, our software development team works on application development projects for various industries and businesses of all sizes.

Our core services include IT consulting, ERP, Accounting & Inventory and e-commerce management Software Development, IT consulting and offshore outsourcing.

We have been working on three major software, including:

  • Election Management software.
  • Credit Co-operative Societies software.
  • CDR Analysis application that is used for Police Investigation.

What were your business needs and why you required web hosting services?

Sachin Garg: Time to market pressures is a stressful reality in the software industry. With the increasing demand for the development of web-based solutions and multiple clients accessing our software at the same time, we required web hosting servers clubbed with extra reliability and scalability features.

Moreover, all our software are web-based, so, our clients too required web servers to host their respective applications.

At the same time, we required cost-effective plus hassle-free management of applications along with data security and seamless handling of traffic spikes.

What are the features you considered while choosing a web hosting provider?

Sachin Garg: We required our web host to have expert and trained support team, having fair amount of technical knowledge to ensure quick and smooth resolution of our issues and to address user level requirements, properly and fully.

Some of our clients required more control and privacy for their hosted applications.

So, we needed a hosting provider that offered both shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting services in India.

“Developing customized software for all types of companies is our specialty but its smooth delivery to multiple clients at a time was a concern for us. We needed web hosting service that must include system administration as it will be shared by many users. Some of our power users, needed privacy and more control with dedicated resources.”-  Sachin Garg, CEO of Shyam InfoTech

Why did Shyam Infotech connect with ZNetLive?

Sachin Garg: To find the best web hosting services and help our customers find the best server, we approached a lot of companies and worked with many of them and finally reached ZNetLive.

“We tried and explored ZNetLive servers to evaluate their service and quality level. Since then, I’ve seen that the services of ZNet have been remarkable in all aspects – whether it was a Shared Hosting or a Dedicated Server. Our software needs the kind of support and web-based solutions that ZNet is capable of providing efficiently.” – Sachin Garg, Director, Shyam Infotech Software Pvt. Ltd.

With ZNetLive’s shared hosting plans, we got access to powerful resources on enterprise grade hardware which helped us in faster and continuous delivery of services. Features like SSD caching and Google MOD_Pagespeed helped us perform at ultra-super-fast speeds.

Additionally, we got the needed security with DDoS protection measures which made our site more reliable and highly secure.

With ZNetLive’s managed dedicated hosting, we got more control, enhanced security and high – performance benefits.

Which is the most admired feature for Shyam Infotech about ZNetLive?

Sachin Garg: ZNetLive’s strong and responsive support is the most admired feature for us. As whenever our customers had any application access problems or we ever got stuck with query or database level issues, technically apt support team of ZNetLive helped us resolve almost all the issues, dedicatedly, regardless of the hour- AM or PM.

If I face any problem at query or database level, there are Umesh Sir and Satguru who have supported me at every level. I would like to say only one thing about ZNet that since I’ve been associated with them, I have never searched any other service provider. ZNet has always helped me with their readily available support and the best service solutions.”- Sachin Garg, CEO, Shyam Infotech.

According to Sachin, the strongest USP of ZNetLive is its support team, that is available round the clock and has always helped them in solving their problems and drive their business forward.

“I wish that ZNet continues its level of support and client satisfaction in the same way that it has always, so that it continues to grow and so do we.”

Watch the video and download the case study of Shyam InfoTech here to know how they helped their customers get flawless access to their web solutions, with the help of ZNetLive – their preferred web hosting provider.

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