Web Professionals is a broad term for the people who are involved in developing a website and managing it further. The term includes web developers, designers, webmasters, content managers and IT administrators.

They are the ones who are responsible for all the aspects of an organization’s web presence – web content development, technical operations, designing, development and management of online marketplace while keeping the end user in mind. To be successful, web professionals must:

  • Maintain a balance between their set of skills and the viable solution while analyzing a situation.
  • Adopt new technology, design new development techniques and web business strategies for the required circumstances.

But with the commercialization of the web and the emergence of new technologies like Internet of Things, complexities have also grown. The modern customer journey has become complex and the way a web professional creates, runs and secures a website or an app today vs 10 years ago, has changed fundamentally.

With the growing competition and increasing complexities, it has become cumbersome to perform a job successfully to satisfy the end user, while managing and organizing web services aptly.
Hence, the need emerges for a web hosting tool that can ease the website creation, its development and management with the power of automation via a single interface.

Plesk Onyx for Web Professionals- simplifying WebOps with power in the hands of web professionals.

Plesk Onyx is an all in one tool for web professionals – developers, designers and IT administrators. It provides a compelling set of evolutionary features that web professionals need to build and run powerful and secure applications. Its features help them easily manage website administration, no matter how many websites created with different apps and technologies they have.

Its user-friendly interface and powerful extensions provide them with everything that is required to develop and administer websites and apps, manage domains, databases, email accounts and infrastructure.

Some of the compelling new features of Plesk Onyx are:

1. WordPress Toolkit 2.0

With Plesk Onyx, you can create, update, secure, and manage WordPress websites in few clicks. New features of WordPress Toolkit 2.0 help web professionals to:

WordPress Toolkit 2.0

  • Create a copy of WordPress website and copy the file and database changes from one WordPress website to another.
  • Migrate WordPress websites that are hosted elsewhere into Plesk and manage them.
  • Run WP-CLI commands and gain control directly.
  • Synchronize WordPress instances easily and enable different aspects of WordPress debugging.
  • Configure WordPress Toolkit ,manage your plugins and themes and stay updated.
  • Get WordPress Hardening tools and API RPC + CLI support.

2. Docker Support for development

With Docker, you can run your distributed applications in containers and access (on-demand) different modern software – Redis, Memcached, Mongodb and more. Select an image from the available catalog images or upload a customized image, install Docker containers locally or to a remote machine (in Plesk) directly from Plesk GUI.

3. Git Support for easy website deployment

This popular source code management system comes integrated with Plesk and is of very important use for web developers. With it, you can create several branches in a repository and manage manually or auto deployed web sites from such repositories to the remote directory.

4. Ready-to-code environment

With the online code editor of Plesk, you get ready to code environment with support for PHP, Javascript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, and node.js etc.
This helps web pros to focus on their main job and not worry about the infrastructural requirements.

5. Plesk Multi Server

For those web design and development studios that host websites too, this Plesk Onyx extension enables them to create and manage multiple customer accounts and hosting subscriptions requiring multiple servers, with a single control panel.

Besides above mentioned features, Plesk Onyx for Web Professionals helps in:

  • Administration of new websites, emails; limiting bandwidth usage, CPU, RAM etc.; and automation of maintenance tasks via a single web-based interface.
  • Providing different levels of web server security with pre-configured security settings. Network security against brute force and DDOS attacks with Fail2ban, Rootkit Detection, and more.
  • Troubleshooting website issues by real-time error log browser.
  • Task scheduler to schedule tasks to run notifications to trigger on an intuitive interface.
  • Providing Nginx-only hosting for websites.
  • Supporting different CMS and dynamic sites and complete app isolation for web hosts and managed services providers.

So, as per your business needs, select and grow with the comprehensive Plesk Onyx hosting offered by us.

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