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What helped Netleon Technologies increase profitability and drive customer satisfaction?

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The challenges

A leading name in the internet presence enablement services, Netleon Technologies Pvt. Ltd, started experiencing issues related to hosting their website and MIS solutions.

With its core services including making websites, mobile applications, MIS solutions and ERP software, and having clients all over the world, including the U.S., UK and Australia, the project sizes were huge, as were the number of issues they started facing.

They also started doing projects with Indian government, with most notable ones, including Rajasthan and Assam governments.

With the number of users of their software and applications running in millions, and with handling crucial government projects, Netleon couldn’t afford any downtime. They also needed 24/7 availability of their hosting provider’s technical support staff. Millions of users accessed Netleon’s developed apps and software at the same time, so they also needed scalable resources.

The journey

To sort all their issues, they went out in search of the best hosting provider for them. Like many others, they tried and tested different hosting providers, before coming to ZNetLive.

“One thing I’d like to mention about ZNetLive is that among all the hosting and cloud service providers in the world, ZNetLive’s technical support is the best that one can get.

This has been actually been experienced by us and has been tested first-hand – you raise a ticket to ZNetLive’s technical support anytime of the day and you’ll get a reply within half an hour. You can’t name any other company that has such fast, accurate and strong technical support.”

Pankaj Sharma, CEO and Founder, Netleon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Since they were handling databases of huge sizes, there was a chaos, whenever they faced downtime due to manual error in any application or software. If a developer wrote wrong code or ran a wrong query, their world came crashing down with the MySQL server.

That time they realized the importance of having their back covered by ZNetLive’s sound technical team. The technically certified professionals of the support team helped them by getting to the core of the problem, understanding their programming language or sometimes, coding and guided them accordingly.

The things started getting better when the issues started getting resolved on priority then and there.

They also needed scalable resources that allowed them to optimize their resource usage and pay for the resources only that they used.

For that, they needed proper cloud consultation and ZNetLive’s cloud management services helped them immensely

“We found great support from ZNetLive. Had we chosen any other hosting provider, we’d have been charged for the resources, we didn’t even know how to use or optimize,” said Pankaj.

As per him, he is most satisfied with the support services and the timely help that he received and has been receiving has helped Netleon scale new heights.

“ZNetLive has been among the top hosting and cloud solution providers in India. Since in other companies, there is IVR based technical support where you have to deal with automated support and keep pressing numbers to explain issues and concerns and still you are unable to talk to a technical person.

Now if you need to contact technical support repeatedly due to the nature of issue, it’s not possible, in case of other providers.”

See the video and download the case study of Netleon Technologies here and know how things have changed for Netleon after associating with ZNetLive, directly from Pankaj. He himself admits to having tried a number of big companies, and see as he discusses things that made him stay with ZNetLive for years now, in the video.

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