RackNap and Office 365 boost employee productivity at ZNetLive

“Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.” – Ifeanyi Enoch

Imagine a scenario, where you have your laptop but no internet, or flashback to the life that people were leading before the invention of smartphones. Peaceful and slow but certainly not much productive- by today’s standards πŸ˜‰ right? Internet, smartphones etc. are basically tools that help us increase our productivity and be more engaged 24X7. Although these tools are contributing a good deal towards making this era – a robotic era, but let’s not discuss that here for the sake of this article’s length.

In an organization, if you provide the right tools to the right team, nothing can stop them from taking over the world and provide it with the best results. πŸ™‚

The above lines I wrote especially for the ZNetLive team. When I joined here, I was amazed at the transparency the employees here had regarding clients’ accounts, products and services, inventory data, orders, billing processes, sales transactions, leads, prospects, CRM data etc. – everything at the click of a button on a single dashboard. I saw all this by myself when I marked in the HRMS module for the first time – it contained all my details that I could check. So no running from pillar to post for anything.

Just access your RackNap dashboard and there you have it. Wow!!

Racknap Dashboard

Among a number of useful features that I learnt of RackNap, the one that I feel helps in enhancing the organizational productivity manifolds is automation of complete workflow and timely intimation – that’s a part of the automation process. In fact, the complete order process is automated, from payment till delivery but at each and every point, information is taken care of- date, time, person responsible etc. and all processes work in tandem to maintain the automation workflow.

However, the most important and surprising part for me was – product deliveries that required manual intervention. I’ve been a product supervisor in an IT organization and I’ve seen the catfights between different departments involved in product delivery and believe me that’s one of the main reasons for my migraine. πŸ˜›

But in ZNetLive, there is pin drop silence on all floors and products are delivered as smoothly as creaming a cake. Let me give you an example. When a dedicated server has to be delivered, work starts in one department and rolls over from one department to another, with all involved having a clear visibility of what is where and what is their role – the person next responsible is intimated in advance. So no pointing fingers, as all processes and roles are preset and well –defined, including time frames.


This RackNap – is a business automation tool is a ‘born out of need’ in-house product that was conceptualized, tested and has been used by the ZNetLive team for a long time now. All employees of all departments became the testers for RackNap software, so that it could be thoroughly tested for all shortcomings and the feedbacks were exhaustive! All teams wanted the best module for their department, so that they could accomplish their tasks in as less time as possible and the team leaders wanted as much automation as possible to free their resources from mundane, repetitive tasks.

The plight of software developers and testers was unimaginable. They worked vehemently day and night and the final product that subsumed all feedback is a tool that everyone is so proud of and now RackNap is also available for commercial use. It’s used to manage all business processes of all ZNetCorp’s ventures, including customers, services, products, sales, order delivery, marketing, support, billing, inventory and much more.

One more tool in addition to RackNap that impressed me immensely was Microsoft Office 365 – the so called ‘Champion tool’ that’s used by one and all in our organization- from CEO to the pantry boy- who gets orders through mails, to the security guard who uses excel to manage record of people going in and out and their in/out times. πŸ™‚

Girdhari Singh working on Office 365

Everyone in our office uses various tools of Office 365 like Outlook, OneDrive, Yammer, OneNote, not forgetting Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more to manage their work in office or from home or from any other place in the world, when they go out for conferences etc. both offline and online as Office 365 is a cloud based business communication solution.

Also, in the beginning, I found the presence indicator feature of Skype for business a bit scary, as it tells which employee is where at a particular time. But Skype is actually very useful and prevents a lot of time from getting wasted with it being used for all internal communication- instant messaging, video calling, conducting online meetings through video conferencing, making presentations and checking each other’s presence!


Any device, any place, Office 365 increases the productivity of each one of us by providing us with access to our Office on the go!
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Image credits: Deepika Rathore

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