Email marketers send mails to thousands of people every month. And, they enjoy it like a game of chess. Like chess players keep predicting what their opponent is thinking and which move of theirs could compel their opponent to make a move in their favor, similarly, email marketers are constantly shuffling with tactics that can tempt their email recipients to open the email and then click on the CTA, for sure.

But, even with this already challenging task, we often come across people who are very hard to persuade or to be true, much tougher than others. Do you also face such difficulty in persuading certain people and getting a response from them? These headstrong people can be made to respond with some wise strategies.

From my own experiences in email marketing and using the best business email communication tools, here I am outlining a strategy that can elicit a response from even the most headstrong people.

The following is a 6-point strategy to ensure a response to your email.

  1. Write an appealing subject line

    The first and foremost thing to get a response from your reader is to get the email opened by them. So, draft an appealing and meaningful subject line that can capture the attention of the reader and compel them to open the email. As it’s said, “A task well begun is half done“, so, getting an email opened definitely gets our task half accomplished as it gives us a chance to show something more appealing to the reader and make further efforts to get the response.

    It is one of the toughest tasks to ensure that the reader whom you barely know opens up and is compelled to read your email. To accomplish this uphill task or to give your best shot, try the following in your subject lines.

    • Frame a news headline that can capture your reader’s interest.

    • Make use of power words that can resonate with or shake up the emotions of your reader.

    • Make it specific and to the point.

    • Give it a personal touch that focuses on the reader.

  2. Use their name to personalize the email

    Nowadays, addressing someone as “Dear Sir/Madam” has become old-school and doesn’t have any impact on the reader. So, you should try and avoid using them and other such generic terms for greetings or introduction. Instead, use the name of the reader to bring a sense of personalization in the email. And, don’t restrict this usage to the greeting or the introductory line, use it quite a few times in the email, but never overuse it. Ideally, you can use it at least twice in the mail – once while addressing and greeting them and once while thanking them at the end.

    If you don’t have the name of your email contact, try to get it by all means possible – best place is to search their email ID on social media sites.

  3. Show that you are interested in their work

    It is one of the best ways that works most of the time – to make them interested in you, first show them that you are interested in them. When writing your email, try to express in the very introductory part that you have read something about them that compelled you to follow them and you developed interest. You can also congratulate them on some recent accomplishment of theirs.

    When you start a conversation by relating things with the topics of their interest, you not only make them feel special but also let them know that you are genuinely interested, want to know them and develop a long relationship.

  4. Keep your email short and concise

    Today’s fast paced world doesn’t allow us to have a lot of time. So, spare your email recipients from wasting much time going through the long mails. Most of them go unread without any consideration. So, try to get to the point early in your mail and convey its real purpose. Try to pass on the real value proposition that lies in the mail for the recipient and how they stand to benefit from them, in the beginning itself.

    If you are successful to grab the real attention of the reader in the first 10-15 seconds, then only the reader would be enticed to read your complete mail. If you can keep them engaged during this time, you can certainly make them interested enough to respond back.

  5. Suggest the day and time yourself

    It is a general practice to ask the recipient to suggest a day and time for a meeting, con call, etc. that is convenient to them. But, as opposed to the belief, this can be inconvenient for the recipient. It would require them to go through their schedule of upcoming weeks and come with a time to meet up. This adds up the stress on your recipient and they would certainly ignore your email as they don’t want the stress of finding a time to meet up with you.

    A better and effective strategy is to suggest two or three possible days and times for a meeting and let the recipient simply choose one of those or suggest an alternative time and day if none of them fit their schedule. This would work better because rather than making them go through their schedule and come up with a day and time to meet, they only need to check their availability on two or three specific times and choose one that works. This small detail can make all the difference in the world when you’re trying to book a meeting with someone.

  6. Keep trying

    Try, try and try again till you succeed” also applies in email marketing as well. If you don’t get response from your first email, don’t get disheartened, just try again. Most business professionals are constantly busy and don’t get time to go through all the mails that they receive each day.

    That’s why, the best time for sending professional business emails to them is either early in the morning work hours as it will stay at the top of their inbox in the morning, or just before noon when many professionals check their emails before starting their lunch.

    Sometimes it may take a few days for a busy corporate professional to even check your mail no matter when you send the email. That’s why, before sending a follow-up mail or before calling them to see if they received and had time to read your message, you must wait for at least 2 days. And, you must repeat this every week until you get a response.

For managing your web of email communication and diverse range of subscribers with ease and simplicity, it is advisable that you use Microsoft Office 365. It comes with Outlook, Calendar and other tools that help you in channelizing your email marketing endeavors. You become empowered to work smart and boost your business productivity with Office 365’s Business Class Email.

The above strategies certainly work for most email marketers, including me! Hope these would be helpful for you as well. Keep hunting 🙂

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