The key to survival in today’s constantly changing environment is to embrace the change and adapt to it. This is true for businesses as well. Enterprises succeed when they adapt to industry and marketplace shifts and incorporate new technology within company culture and business operations.

Digital transformation is something that organizations have been discussing for long. But, now the time is truly ripe to undergo the disruptive changes as the survival of the digitally fittest seems to be kicking in for businesses in different verticals.

Many have already understood the benefits of going digital, and are resultantly transforming to lead the race to the cloud world:

  • By the end of 2017, two-thirds of the CEOs of Global 2000 companies will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy. – IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2016 Predictions.
  • By 2019, 40% of IT projects will create new digital services and revenue streams that monetize data.- IDC FutureScape 2017.

How to make a successful transformation to the digital first world?

Every company is a software company. You have to start thinking and operating like a digital company. It’s no longer just about procuring one solution and deploying one. It’s not about one simple software solution. It’s really you yourself thinking of your own future as a digital company.” – Satya Nadella CEO, Microsoft.

 In order to take digital to the core of business, enterprises need to rebuild their processes around their customers and employees and develop few capabilities to maintain a competitive advantage.

  1. Build intelligent processes to help your business be responsive towards issues and their resolution.
  2. Create a work environment for your employees that help them be productive and achieve more.
  3. Understand your customers and find new ways of interacting with them with data harnessing and actionable insights.
  4. Data is a strategic asset, keep it safe and use it to capture opportunities and deliver value.

To address these four strategic areas, adopt cloud solutions as cloud has tremendous power to help you engage your customers, empower your employees, optimize operations and integrate software and technology with your products- thus leading to a successful digital change.

Top 5 technologies of cloud computing that will help you drive business innovation.

 1. Public cloud

With public cloud, you get an increased choice of services – applications, storage and other resources that are provided on as- a- service basis from the cloud service provider who uses public network like internet to deliver them. Using public cloud services help you get cost-effective services as there’s sharing of resources, resulting in reduced costs.

Public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, empower businesses to provision new application servers and infrastructure on the go.

Azure public cloud offers businesses a virtually limitless ability to scale and a platform for digital transformation that enables them to build and deploy secure, cross-platform application experiences and harness the power of real-time, predictive analytics.  With Azure, a business can:

  • Build and deploy applications using a number of tools and technologies supported by Azure.
  • Extend its on-premise investment to cloud by going the hybrid cloud way.
  • Get a global reach with Microsoft’s datacenters spread across the world.
  • Get security and best compliance, there can be, for its applications.
  • Optimize runtime and operational environments.

To get a better overview, walk through this infographic –

Amazon Web Services (AWS), is another cloud services platform that enable businesses to build digital transformation framework for them. With its vast set of services, a business can quickly commission and decommission their IT infrastructure and get faster access to internet based computing resources. AWS also enables businesses to scale and grow faster with on-demand instances, offers improved application development & storage options to meet their digital needs.

Within the public cloud environment, if a business needs certain level of privacy or isolation, then they can get a section of cloud allocated to them which is accessible by their organization, only- this private cloud computing in public cloud is termed as Virtual private cloud computing.

2. Private cloud

It’s a cloud dedicated to an organization with virtualization as its important technological component. With Microsoft private cloud solution, a to-be digital business can enjoy an application centric cloud platformPrivate cloud attributes that helps it to focus on business value with cross-platform support for multi-hypervisor environments, operating systems, and application frameworks.

In combination with Windows server, Hyper-V and System Center, private cloud provides enterprise class virtualization, end-to-end service management, higher workload density and greater resource utilization. It allows them to get deep insights from applications, which results in increased business alignment and focus on delivering business value –  the core aim of any digital business.

3. Hybrid cloud

 A combination of public and private cloud, a hybrid cloud solution can be a game changer for any business, in the truest sense. Hybrid cloud minimizes trade-offs and breaks down technical barriers so that you can get maximum benefit and improved performance from your cloud. It helps an organization optimize existing assets and offer increased scalability with resource availability through bigger cloud infrastructure.

With hybrid cloud, a business can access public cloud resources, get the ability to test new capabilities and technologies swiftly, while securing critical business data on the private cloud portion of the hybrid cloud solution. This helps it to get to market faster — without making huge up-front investment.

To build and deploy innovative hybrid applications, a business can choose Azure Stack support solution.

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4. Enterprise Mobility Suite

 In this fast – growing digital world, there is a shift in the working habits of people, they are getting increasingly mobile. Organizations look at mobile technology as an integral part of digital transformation as it helps them to improve access to information, improve process efficiency and increase employee productivity.

Workers prefer to use mobile devices to perform their tasks from anywhere, anytime. Resultantly, businesses, in order to support their employees, have to prefer BYOD programs, while focusing on the management of the devices and security of the company data.

Enterprise Mobility Suite facilitates secure digital business, thus helping a business to:

  • Prevent unauthorized access to applications and resources.
  • Reduce helpdesk costs and increase productivity while helping employees save time.
  • Prevent data loss and identify advance, persistent threats.
  • Get deeper visibility and stronger controls.
  • Get support for data protection for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS as well as Windows mobile devices and famous SaaS apps.

5. Business Productivity Suite

Without empowering its employees, no business can completely transform into a digital enterprise. For this, they need to arm their workforce with modern tools that can not only boost their productivity, but also enable them to experience the benefits of a modern global workplace.

A business needs varied ways to:

  • Connect with workforce across different locations and time -zones.
  • Provide unfettered access to team members who are outside the firewall.
  • Provide tools to meet different expectations and preferences of employees.

Business prodcutivity suite

Microsoft Office 365 is an integrated solution that offers business communication tools that your team needs to be productive and engaged. It enables a business to collaborate and share best practices, more effectively.

As a solution, a business gets chat- based workspace that enables complete corporate communication, tools to conduct online meetings, ability to co-author and share files securely and a social network for work and connect across your organization. Also, companies benefit from having the ability to hire the most talented employees available in any time zone.

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