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ZNetLive's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) uses virtual data isolation in a Public Cloud and, provides better.

  • Data security and Higher performance
  • More flexibility and Better control
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What is Virtual Private Cloud?

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a special implementation of public cloud that uses a corporate firewall with virtual data isolation and is managed by a cloud provider. In a VPC, the cloud provider allocates and provisions a portion of its public cloud infrastructure for a single user of VPC, thus keeping the data of a VPC user isolated from other public cloud users.

The most important features of a Virtual Private Cloud are:

  • User data is stored on a public cloud but isolated from other users using virtualization.
  • Offers very high data security with encryption chip security, tunneling, and private IP addressing.
  • User gets dedicated cloud server and virtual networks in a VPC.
  • It’s fully managed by the cloud provider.

Why Virtual Private Cloud by ZNetLive?

ZNetLive’s Virtual Private Cloud is designed in a way that you get a section of cloud allocated to you and only your organization can access it. It is hosted on a public cloud but works like a private cloud. In ZNetLive’s VPC, you get your own dedicated network area, and even your own physical machines and customized portal. The following are the most important features of ZNetLive’s Virtual Private Cloud:

Data isolation

ZNetLive’s VPCs uses many tools to protect your data than that on a standard public cloud.

Improved performance

VPC users get private, specially provisioned resources, so they do not share them with other users and get improved performance.

Third-party management

With a VPC, you do not require to have your own infrastructure, ZNetLive will manage the infrastructure for you on your behalf.

Low on Cost

Provisioning VPCs costs much less than a private cloud with similar resources and capacity.

No Management Complexity

Virtual private cloud saves the users from the glitches of managing complexities, as in a private cloud.

Better Security

Multiple security layers can be deployed as required by a user to achieve the level of security required by them.

Security of your Virtual Private Cloud is our prime concern at ZNetLive.

Our Cloud Experts take care of it, for you.

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