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ZNetLive's Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Industries

Healthcare industry professionals are constantly on a mission to deliver best possible healthcare services to all; and have to make life changing decisions on a day-to-day basis, for which they depend on data from medical devices, EMR systems, insurance information, etc.

What are the needs of healthcare organizations and how they want technology to help them?

The following are major needs of the healthcare industry that they want technology to solve:

Produce absolutely measurable results and also keep a check on the costs.

Enable uninterrupted connectivity between all platforms - hospitals, clinics and healthcare offices.

Assist caregivers in making the right decisions with right information by providing instant access to patient data.

Keep and store personal data and medical records of patients safe and secure.

Remain HIPAA compliant by ensuring the security of stored patient and other data.

What ZNetLive’s Cloud and IT Solutions can do for the Healthcare Industry?
  • Keeps you anytime connected

    You can stay connected with your entire team and organization even if you are away from them.

  • Ensures complete security of your data

    With ZNetLive’s HIPAA compliant, economical and enterprise-grade solutions, you can stay assured that your data is completely secure.

  • Lets you work from anywhere

    Use a device of your choice – PC, Mac, Tablet, etc. to connect to the EMR systems, devices and data; and keep working from anywhere and anytime.

  • Keeps you backed up for the unexpected

    You can stay assured of the unexpected events with resiliency, backup, and disaster recovery capabilities. So that you can provide uninterrupted services.

  • Work together and collaborate easily

    You can collaborate with your team and patients even if you are not physically present with them.

  • A solution for your every IT need

    ZNetLive’s cloud and IT solutions encompass everything that a healthcare organization might ever need. Just tell us your requirement, we will provide a solution for it.

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