Wildcard SSL

Typically, a standard SSL Certificate is issued to a single Fully Qualified Domain Name (e.g., www.yourdomain.com) only, which means it can only be used to secure the exact domain to which it has been issued. This means that while a customer visiting your website will see www.yourdomain.com as secured and verified by an SSL certificate, he won't see the SSL certificate on blog.yourdomain.com or shop.yourdomain.com etc. An SSL certificate for each of these subdomains, hence, has to be separately issued, which means that you'll have to buy multiple SSL certificates for a single website, and pay equivalent amount of money for the same.

The Wildcard SSL Difference

With the Wildcard SSL option activated you expand what's possible by receiving an SSL certificate issued to *.yourdomain.com. The * character allows the certificate to be used on an unlimited number of subdomains across an unlimited number of servers, all for the same one-time cost even if you add more subdomains or servers in the future.

ZNetLive Wildcard SSL is an option available for either DomainSSL or OrganizationSSL Certificates. Just select the Wildcard SSL option during application.


It's simple - we issue a Certificate with a "Common Name" of *.yourdomain.com and a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) of yourdomain.com. The * (wildcard) allows the Certificate to be used on any subdomain belonging to the yourdomain.com domain name and the SAN ensures that the SSL works even without a subdomain.

Certificate application for:


Can be used to secure:

  • www.yourdomain.com
  • secure.yourdomain.com
  • webmail.yourdomain.com
  • owa.yourdomain.com
  • anything.yourdomain.com

As Well as:

  • yourdomain.com

Wildcard SSL Pricing

Domain SSL - Wildcard
1 Year 408.04
2 Year 734.47
3 Year 1,040.51
5 Year 1,632.17
Organization SSL - Wildcard
Additional Subdomains 136.97 /year
Addition Subdomains 84.88 /year
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Secure Multiple Websites and Domains

If you want to secure multiple websites with a single SSL certificate and on a single IP address, ZNetLive offers two different multi-domain SSL Certificates: Wildcard SSL and Multi-Domain SSL with support for Subject Alternative Names (SANs) fields to save you significant cost and hassle.